Turkey has given Russia permission to lay the South Stream

Turkey has given Russia permission to lay the pipeline "South Stream" under the Black Sea, said on Wednesday, a source close to the negotiations between the two countries.
"Relevant note signed today," — said the source of the "Interfax".

 Photo source:ntv.ru

Pipeline "South Stream" can not end in Austria, as previously assumed, and go to the north of Italy, the head of "Gazprom export", deputy chairman of Gazprom Alexander Medvedev.

"It is possible that in the north of Italy," — said Medvedev, when asked about the possibility of laying the pipeline through northern Italy, RIA "Novosti".

On the question of whether the pipeline to pass through Austria, he did not answer, saying only that the choice of the route "has a purely economic roots."

 Photo source:vz.ru

"We will update the route, along with the adoption of a final investment decision", — said Medvedev.

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