Ukrainian exports of drugs increased by 25% — A.Soloviev

In 2013, Ukrainian exports of medicines production increased by 25%. This is made possible by the introduction of the Government and the State Service for Drugs series of measures to control and quality of medicines. This was stated by Chairman Gosleksluzhby Alexey Soloviev during a briefing at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, reportsUNN.

"With the transition from the 2010 to the European standards of quality and production in 2013, exports increased by 25%," — said the Chairman of the Gosleksluzhby, adding that the domestic production of medicines available in every continent except Australia.

According to him, will contribute to the growth of exports to the adoption of the EU mutual recognition of inspections and monitoring, advice about which Gosleksluzhba has already begun with the European Commission. "This will provide an opportunity to export medicines without additional technical barriers," — he said.

Alexey Soloviev said that today in Ukraine there are 114 companies that currently have a license for the production of medicines.

In addition, he stressed that significantly increased the pace of the growth in domestic production and the domestic market. "At the end of 2012 in terms of money issued domestic production 32%," — said the Chairman of the Gosleksluzhby.

He noted that patients in drug stores also prefer Ukrainian medicinal drug. "This is evidenced by statistics. 65% of the packages that are sold in pharmacies — is domestic production of medicines. Such a trend over the last ten years" — said Alexey Soloviev and assured that "the Government of Ukraine and the State Service for Drugs and further will pay significant attention to the development of the domestic industry, especially its export potential. "

Background: In recent years, Ukraine has implemented EU legislation, the purpose of which is to bring the system of quality control of medicines in accordance with the quality standards adopted by the European Union.

In 2011 was introduced, and later toughened criminal penalties for falsification of medicines;

Ukraine is a party, and then the first ratified Medikraym (Convention on combating the spread of counterfeit medicines Council and the European Parliament);

conducted a comprehensive re-state quality control laboratories;

Gosleksluzhba Ukraine has joined the Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation PIC / S, which brings together the regulatory authorities of countries with strict regulatory system (except for Ukraine, it includes only the countries of the EU and a few other developed countries. Among the CIS countries today Ukraine — the only one that has been adopted in this organization.)

Ukraine actively introducing good practices. In particular, since 2010 the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) have become mandatory for domestic and in February of this year — for foreign manufacturers;

Good practice is being implemented distribution (GDP), the next step is the introduction of Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP)

and will be implemented in phases to increase in accordance with the requirements of EU legislation import licensing drugs;

Gosleksluzhba Ukraine joined the system of certification of quality pharmaceutical products to the international trade of the World Health Organization, which helps simplify the admission medication domestic production to foreign markets;

Ukraine ratified the Council of Europe to join the development of the European Pharmacopoeia. This means that Ukraine introduced strict quality standards of drugs in accordance with the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia;

Gosleksluzhba started consultations with the European Commission concerning the mutual recognition of the EU with the results of inspections and controls;

already developed and has been successfully tested public automated system for tracking drugs by applying to the packaging of medicines individual code standard GS-1. The system with the help of modern technology allows you to track the on-line treatment of each individual drug packaging chain: a foreign manufacturer — distributor — pharmacy domestic producer — distributor — pharmacy.

Development and implementation of systems on the territory of Ukraine is Gosleksluzhboy in collaboration with the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and Health Council of Europe (EDQM), responsible for the implementation of a similar project in Europe.

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