Underground boats

Underground boats

One of the numerous legends about hidden sverhtehnike Third Reich says there fighting underground development tools codenamed «Subterrine» (project Verne and H. von R. Trebeletskogo) and «Midgardschlange» («Midgard Serpent") (draft Ritter).

Large podzemohod on a second project consisted of several compartments, with dimensions of 6 meters in length, width and height of 6.8 — 3.5 with a total length of 400 to 524 meters. Weight — 60 thousand tons. There were 14 motors at 20 thousand horsepower. Speed — the water 30 km / h in the ground — of 2 to 10 km / h Managed means the crew of 30 people. Weapons — mines, machine guns, torpedoes underground «Fafnir» (combat) and «Alberich» (intelligence). Supporting detachable funds — the shells to facilitate penetration into the rocky soil «Mjolnir» and small transportation shuttle to communicate with the surface «Laurin».

At the end of the second world war in the vicinity of Konigsberg were found gallery unknown destination, and a number of unknown structure exploded destination. There is a possibility that these were the remains of "Midgard Serpent" developed as one of the incarnations of "Weapons of retaliation."

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Lost subterina

In over 1000 lety people want to conquer the elements. Our forefathers did davneshnie first steps in the development of the seas and oceans, watching the flight of birds — people want rid of gravity and learn to fly. And now, apparently, now a man has fulfilled his dream — high-speed ocean liners proudly cut through the waves of all the seas and oceans, nuclear submarines silently steal away in the water column, and the sky striated contrails of jet aircraft. Over the past 20 century we were even able to overcome the force of gravity, making the first step in a never-ending gallakticheskoe place. All this is true, but the world's population had another dream — to make a journey to the center of the Earth.

Underground boats

The underground world has always been for the people something very mysterious, attractive and at the same time frightening. Mythology and religion of virtually all peoples, one way or another, connected with the underground kingdom and the creatures that inhabit it. And if the ancient underground world was a place for a person prohibited, then with the development of science and the emergence of the first hypotheses of the structure of the Earth, the thought of her journey to the center became more attractive. But how?

Of course, this question could not disturb the science fiction writers, and while scientists wondered about the structure of the underworld, in 1864 Jules Verne novel ends "Journey to the Center of the Earth", in which the main characters in his work, Dr. Lindenbron and his nephew Axel make travel to the Center of the Earth through the mouth of a volcano. They travel on a raft on the sea and vorachivayutsya underground to the surface through the cave. It must be said that in those years was a popular theory about the existence of large cavities inside the Earth, which, apparently, Jules Verne put into the base of its own novel. But scientists later justified the failure of speculation "Hollow Earth", and in 1883 was posted story of Count Shuzi "Underground fire." The heroes of his works, with the help of conventional picks, punch ultra-deep mine in the zone of "subterranean fire." And although the story "Underground fire "does not describe any mechanisms, its creator already knew that the road to the center of the Earth to be done by man, and that there are no cavities, which you can travel deep underground, no. This is understandable, because the Earth's core is exposed to enormous pressure and temperature, and this implies that about any "underground cavities," and even more so that in their life, do not have to read.

The following science-fiction works appear descriptions of tools for penetration into the solid earth, much more sophisticated, if a pick from the story of Count Shuzi "Underground fire. For example, in 1927 he published a science fiction novel by Count Alexei Tolstoy's "The hyperboloid of engineer Garin," in which the engineer Garin with his own invention — a hyperboloid (thermal laser) — breaks many kilometers thickness of the Earth's species and achieves a mysterious olivine zone.

With the improvement of earth science and technology developments laying mines deep drilling podzemohoda had a thought, a prodigious machine, able to move in the thickness of the Earth's rocks hard. For example, in the novel Gregory Adam "Winners bowels", released in 1937, the creator of its own heroes sent to the underworld to podzemohode, which was a powerful raketopodobny shell. This magnificent apparatus had in front of the drill bits and sharp knives, made of heavy-duty metal and able to crush all the rock in its path. Its underground boat could travel at speeds up to 10 km per hour.
It must be said, are created and made to date a lot of science fiction on the theme of Journey to the Center of the Earth, and if they once man foot got into the depths of our planet, that with the development of technology and science Underground travelers are paving their own way with almost all devices resembling modern submarines. The existence of such devices in real life so far is under the swing, but there are some facts allowing to imagine that the man did not once tried to design and build an underground boat.

In one version of leadership in the development of underground ammunition belongs to Russian Union. Back in the 30's engineer A. Treble, designers Kirilov A. and A. Baskin made the project an underground boat. According to their plan, it was to be used as an underground oil producer — move deep into the soil, to find oil deposits, and there lay the pipeline. The inventors have taken for the base building construction podzemohoda live mole. Tests underground boats were in the Urals in the mines under a mountain of grace. His mills, some such as coal combines, podzemohod destroying solid rock, slowly moving forward. But the machine was unreliable, often out of order and the project was considered premature. But the story of the first pre-war developments in our country is not complete. So it is clear that the Doctor of Technical Sciences PI Strakhov, who was the designer of underground tunneling machines, first in 1940, at a time when he was busy with the construction of the Moscow metro, called the DF Ustinov, the future of the USSR People's Commissar of arms. Conversation took place between them more than entertaining. Ustinov was interested in the insurance, if he had heard about the work of his colleague, engineer Trebleva that in
the 30 years proposed the idea of an underground autonomous self-propelled machine? Strakhov was clear about these works, and he answered in the affirmative.

Then Ustinov said that for him there is even more fundamental and urgent task than the subway — the work on the creation of underground self-propelled machine for the Red Army. In the words of Strahov, he agreed to participate in this project. He was allocated unlimited funds and human resources, and after only 18 months of the prototype podzemohoda passed acceptance tests. Autonomy underground boat was designed for a week, particularly since the driver should be enough supplies of oxygen, food and water. But with the beginning of the war, the insurance had to switch to the construction of bunkers and underground boat upcoming fate unknown to him.

Do not forget about the countless legends of the super weapon is shrouded in the Third Reich. According to some of them, in Nazi Germany, there were projects of underground fighting vehicles codenamed «Subterrine» (project Verne and H. von R. Trebeletskogo) and «Midgardschlange» ("Midgard Serpent", a project Ritter).

Podzemohod «Midgardschlange» designed as sverhamfibiya that can move along the ground, underground and under water at a depth of 100 meters. The unit was created as a martial universal ton and consisted of a large number of sections connected together, having to have a length of 6 meters in width and 6.8 m in height — 3.5 m total length of the device ranged from 400 to 524 meters, depending on the intended purpose. The weight of this "underground cruiser" was 60 thousand tons. By some guesses it began to develop in 1939. It means fighting had on board a large number of small mines and charges, 12 twin machine guns, combat underground torpedo «Fafnir» and intelligence «Alberich», small transportation shuttle to communicate with the surface «Laurin» and detachable ammunition to help the sinking of heavy soil areas " Mjolnir ». The crew consisted of 30 people, the internal structure of the body, reminiscent of the layout of compartments of the submarine (crew quarters, galley, radio room, etc.). 14 motors 20 thousand horsepower and 12 additional engines with capacity of 3 thousand horsepower needed to ensure the "Midgard Serpent" the highest rate of the water is 30 km / h, and under the earth — up to 10 km / h

When finished second global war, near the town of Konigsberg, were discovered tunnels unknown origin, and near the remains of an exploded structure may be the remains of "Midgard Serpent" — a possible version of the "Weapons of retaliation," the Third Reich.

Was in Germany and the other, less fundamental than the "Midgard Serpent", but from a more exciting project — and what he had started even earlier. Name project "Sea Lion" (another name «Subterrine») and a patent on it was registered in 1933 a German inventor Werner von Horner. According to the plan of Werner von his underground unit had to own up to 7 km / h, a crew of 5 people to carry a payload of 300 kg and move both underground and under water. The invention itself was kept secret and handed over to the archives. Maybe it would be a never remembered, if at it in 1940 is not the case encountered by Count von Stauffenberg, besides Germany developed "Operation Sea Lion" by the invasion of the British Isles, and an underground boat with the same title could be very need. The idea was that the underground boat with commandos on board, could easily cross the English Channel and getting to the island to go unnoticed by the British land in the desired location. But these plans were not realized it was fate. Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goering was able to convince Hitler that his aircraft alone will be able to put Britain at the knees. As a result, the operation "Sea Lion" was canceled, forgotten about the project, and Goering was not able to fulfill their own promises.

In 1945, after the victory over Nazi Germany, on its territory operated numerous "trophy team" of former allies, and the project of German underground boat "Sea Lion" fell into the hands of General ABAKUMOV SMERSH. The project was sent back for revision. Research capabilities of the idea of underground fighting boats engaged Dr. G. Babat and GI Pokrovsky and concluded that these developments have a great future. Meanwhile, General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev, who succeeded Stalin died, personally showed enthusiasm to the project. Scientists dealing with this discrepancy, already had their own underground production boats, and breakthrough science in the field of nuclear energy, the project's output at the latest stage of technological development — the creation of an underground nuclear boats. For their mass production country urgently needed a factory, and in 1962 on the orders of Khrushchev in the Ukraine, in the town Gromovka begin construction of a strategic manufacturing plant underground boats, and Khrushchev gives public promise to "get the imperialists not only from space, and from the the earth. " In 1964, the plant was built and produced the first Russian nuclear underground boat, received the title of "Battle Mole." Underground boat had a titanium body with a pointed bow and stern, a diameter of 3.8 m and a length of 35 m crew consisted of 5 people. In addition, she was able to take on another 15 people and troops ton of explosives. The main power plant — nuclear reactor — allowed her to reach speeds of under ground up to 7 km / h Her battle task was winding up underground command and Fri enemy missile silos. Expressed ideas about the ability of delivery of such "subterin" specially constructed nuclear submarines to the shores of the United States, in California, where, as you know earthquakes often occur. Then the "subterina" could install an underground nuclear device and compromising its cause artificial earthquake, the consequences of which could be written off as a disaster.

First tests "Battle Mole" occurred in the autumn of 1964. The underground boat showed amazing results, having a difficult ground "like a knife through butter" and destroying underground simulated enemy bunker.

In the upcoming tests lasted in the Urals, in the Rostov region and in the suburban Nakhabino … But, at the time of the next test, there was a tragedy that resulted in the explosion and underground boat with the crew, including the commander of the paratroopers and — Colonel Seeds Budnikova forever remained immured in the thick stone rocks of the Ural Mountains. In connection with this incident, the tests were stopped, and after coming to power, Brezhnev, the project was canceled, and all materials are confidential.

In 1976, at the initiative of the chief management of the Head of state secrets Antonov, the press began to slip messages about this project, but what remains of the underground nuclear-powered ship, meanwhile, zarzhavevalie the open air until the 90's. Is there research and testing of underground boats in our time, and if so, where? All of this is a mystery to which we are unlikely to get a satisfactory answer in the foreseeable future. What is clear is that a person is only partially fulfilled the dream of traveling to the center of the earth, and let the projects "subterin" by scientists, can not be compared with the devices of science fiction and able to reach the Earth's core, still the world's population has made its own first shy step in the development of the underworld.

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