Uralmashplant developed a new rig for the Far North

JSC "Uralmashplant" (part of "OMZ") at the request of the company, "Novatek" has developed the newest rig "Arctic." Creating specialists of "Uralmashplant" drilling rig capable of operating at temperatures up to minus 60 degrees and allow to develop oil and gas fields in the far north. Drilling rig was created by order of "NOVATEK".

The whole rig is equipped with special protective cover, which can protect the staff from the wind and temperature loads, capable of drilling wells up to a depth of six kilometers.

As deputy chairman of the government of the Sverdlovsk region, Alexander Petrov, "On" Uralmashplant "finished development, and today completed the production of the newest rig, which was codenamed" Arctic "." "Practically now available to us all the extreme north — both in terms of gas production, and in terms of oil. I think this is very serious, a breakthrough development. And with that we connect pretty important orders that appear in" URALMASHZAVOD "" — said Petrov.

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