Vakhtangov Theatre performances from now on you can watch online

"Uncle’s Dream" at the Vakhtangov Theater

Reputation of being one of the most popular theaters in the capital of the confidence that the maximum occupancy of a room Moscow Academic Theatre Vakhtangov. There really is always sold out, and do not get tickets here. "Sale of tickets for September was 90.55%, so this indicator we undisputed leader, — not without pride, told Itar-Tass theater director Cyril Crock. — The benefit, of course, good. But the public is much more expensive for us. So we decided to ease her life, starting live webcast of our performances. Today online everyone will be able to see our famous hit — "Uncle’s Dream" with the People’s Artist of the USSR Vladimir Etush in the title role, which he takes the stretch for 12 consecutive years. "

As for future broadcasts, their schedule will be published monthly in the news on the front page of the theater. "A translation is available at:, — informed the director of the Vakhtangov Theater. — We live in a digital age, and it should be used. "By the way, Cyril Croke well versed in modern technology, and because he heads the theater is in step with the times.

"I can not keep silent about another innovation — continued Cyril Kroc. — We have introduced a tour of the theater, as is done in all the best theaters in the world." Within an hour, the audience will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the space scenes, behind the scenes part of the Vakhtangov Theater, to see the dressing rooms, the memorial cabinet Ruben Simonov, Mikhail Ulyanov, to look into the rehearsal room, explore the newly opened exhibition of historic photographs and costumes. And a lot of other no less interesting. As guides by research staff of the museum — Irina Sergeeva and Margaret Litvin, who worked in the Vakhtangov Theatre for over 50 years. "Tickets for the tour are available not only at the box office of the theater, but in every city ticket offices" — said Kirill Kroc.

And completing the list of the news, with the dignity he added that now he heads the theater has its own press organ: renewed edition of the newspaper "Vahtangovets"! Its first issue was published in 1936. Newspaper was published until 1941, several issues have been taken in the mid 60s. And that glorious tradition will be continued.

In October 2012, "Vahtangovets" once again become published theater. In its editorial board includes artistic director Rimas Tuminas, director Kirill Kroc, the other members of the creative team.

The paper will cover the current events of the theater, publish articles about his stories, to talk about plans and tour activities, as well as Vakhtangov life off the stage. Revived "Vahtangovets" will be a monthly publication. And his first numbers in the audience will get a gift.


Nanonews: I’d add that to partake of fine art online — non-free pleasure. View a live performance at the cost 400 p. There are other paid services — Access to electronic video archives, a subscription for a month and so on, for more details visit the website.

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