Volgograd Aluminium Plant: Photo tour

Author of the report — Andrew Slesarenko (Learnhttp://vsem-kerdyk.livejournal.com) 

With this plant have many things in common — there used to work for my wife’s brother’s wife, my mother … but so deeply into the holy of holies, in the shop, I have never penetrated, and could not have — a company modal, everything is very strict admission by. And then, finally, I came across an interesting company!

 1. First — istruktazh TB and issuance of a special form

2. The great and terrible Pasha Learn pavelpanko ))))

3. Go to the factory, as I said — is not easy. At the walk-through — inspection and pass only with a pass

4. The last instruction before going to the factory

5. Pleasing statistics


7. Go to the shop

8. One of the most tubes with residents of Volgograd swear: "Smoke from!" Although, as it turned out, it’s just water vapor.

9. Incomprehensible bollocks for us at first. Then they saw it in the shop in action.

10. Misleading impression of abandonment. Inside, in the shops, work in full swing in full

11. Getting ready to enter into the electrolysis plant. The girls, as always, do everything in the mirror))

12. Dimensions are impressive …

13. In the electrolysis shop just a hell of a fever. Yes, that’s understandable — the fire circle

14. Furnaces of alumina and aluminum prepared itself.

15. Tara is ready to receive the "fresh" aluminum


17. The grand production!

18. Wait in line for transportation.

19. But already seen the end product

20. Waste, which then go into business

21. Pouring molten metal into molds

22. Correspondence between the workers)


24. Hank

25. And here the product cools. So to say, "ostyvochny shop"))

26. Products of the mark and chilled — the warehouse

27. Let’s go look at the gas treatment facilities. Manufacturing plant is huge, so move around in transport.

28. Right and left — water treatment plant, already morally outdated. We are all impressed, of course, the size of

29. Factory workers — great people, all told in detail and showed

30. Time does its job

31. But in the center — is already the newest gas cleaning, worth U.S. $ 8000000. Factory workers claim that it holds 90% of the harmful substances.

32. The project manager for the construction of a gas treatment plant tells about the prospects and challenges for further development of such systems.

33. Bloggers ask their questions.


35. Soon these pipes dismantled

36. Tour organizer Sergei Zhukov Learn volpromex .For that he thanks a lot!

37. That’s all, a tour is complete!

38. But it was, it turns out, not all. In addition, we have shown the waste storage facility, located five kilometers from the plant, fenced, guarded, and virtually harmless to the environment due to the protective substrate, which does not allow waste to penetrate into the soil.

Well, now just everything! )) Thanks for watching!

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