Volgograd company OgonOK made LED lighting available

"OgonOK" — a group of young engineers and entrepreneurs from Volgograd. A few years ago we developed the technology, will greatly reduce the cost of production and to exhort the LED lamps without compromising on quality and reliability, and thus make them truly mass product.


All last year we went on exhibitions in Germany, Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan, hatched the idea, got acquainted with the people, gathered information and studied the equipment. And then, finally, came the idea to its logical conclusion: we will produce LED bulbs! Purchased and installed production lines, recruited and trained staff, fine-tuned processes, the first lamp is off the production line.


Grandiose plans. Firstly, it will be present in Russian lamp. Not a dubious ‘china’, to cover domestic brand, and fully Russian product: designed and manufactured in Russia, the Russian specialists with up to 80% of Russian components.


Second, we want to make LED bulbs available the broadest categories of buyers: companies and organizations, schools and hospitals, apartments and houses. And it saves energy, natural resources and billions of rubles on a national scale — both private and public.


Decided to start with the most popular lamps: it’s short and long "tube" for ceiling and wall lights (goodbye, forever shimmering "Armstrong"), and all the familiar standard light bulb with base E27 and E14 ("candle"). The first products are shipped to customers, and we are sure, will soon light "OgonOK" will be available in stores in your city. Save energy with us! We promise you will be surprised not only the price.





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