We continue to work on updating the museums Dnipropetrovsk

Chairman of the Regional Council of Eugene Hoopoe held a working meeting on repairs in the museums of Dnipropetrovsk.

— Our region has a rich history dating back to the II — III millennium BC To preserve the history, it is not only the interest of our fellow countrymen, but also people from other regions of Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk open world — important challenges of our time. In the past year to ensure the stable operation of the museums in the region from the regional budget, we have allocated more than 17 mln. Includes a similar amount and the current year. Our task — not only the funding of socially protected items — salaries and payment of energy, but also update the museum collections and conduct repairs — said Eugene Hoopoe.

Last year, for the repair of Dnepropetrovsk Art Museum of the regional budget allocated 2.3 million USD.

For these funds, according to the chairman of the regional council, replaced by electric lighting in the exposition hall and started repairing the foundation. The future plans — the reconstruction and repair of the boiler front.

— Today, our art museum has exhibition halls that meet the highest international standards. This has enabled us to host the exhibition "Painting in Normandy." Are preparing to hold exhibitions here Nikas Safronov and Victor Vasarely. In 2014, the Museum of Art will celebrate its 100th anniversary. We will try to bring it to this date in decent form — said Eugene Hoopoe.

Chairman of the Regional Council inspects repairs, inspected the room that needs to be updated, and heard the report of the director of the museum on the use of budget funds.

In 2013, begin preparing for repairs and in the Dnipropetrovsk Historical Museum. For the current year, the chairman of the regional council planned to develop the project and the restoration of the facade of the administrative building of the museum.

— Today, our President Viktor Yanukovych Ukrainian museums confronts challenges of incorporating advanced interactive technology popularization age of cultural heritage and preservation of intellectual and spiritual values of our people.

This industry requires special attention because it has a significant impact on the spiritual consciousness of our fellow citizens, the historical memory of our people. Therefore, we will maintain our museums and assist the implementation of modern technologies to keep the ancient history of our region — said Eugene Hoopoe.


In Dnipropetrovsk region are 8 and 143 municipal museum volunteer. In the museums of the region, there are more than 900 million units of museum objects — monuments of history and culture of the region from the Stone Age to the present.

Every year in Dnepropetrovsk Art Museum is more than 60 exhibitions of classical and modern art from different areas and schools, personal exhibitions of works by masters of the field. In 2012 the museum was visited by over 65 thousand people.

Dnipropetrovsk Historical Museum last year attended by more than 300 thousand people are held in some 90 exhibitions.

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According to the Dnipropetrovsk regional council oblrada.dp.ua

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