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The contribution of Soviet civilization in human development

Russian media "democratic" orientation day and night go on about the fact that Russian people are retarded, second-class, inferior, incapable of anything serious in science and technology, and the challenge now is Russia only to wander in the wake of world civilization, and try not to too far behind the developed capitalist countries.
And our young people believe them because they do not have the slightest idea about the life of the common man in the Soviet Union, on the technical, scientific and social achievements of Soviet power and the Soviet society. They really believe that the Soviet medium tank T-34 — is a converted our American tank, a Kalashnikov borrowed from the Germans, and the atomic bomb we stole from the Americans, and space rockets at us — it copied the German development of the latest models of the V-3 and the FAA -4 trapped us in one of their missile center in the Baltic.
I constantly have to deal with the modern Russian youth. And I marvel at her utter ignorance of their country’s history of the twentieth century. Therefore, I once gave a lecture to them about the Soviet contribution to world civilization. The students were shocked! They did not know that the Soviet civilization such huge advances in technological and social development. Although I told them only what remained in my memory ever since the Soviet times, when I have more than fifteen years working as a freelance expert of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of the State Patent Examination or VNIIPGE and did examine applications for inventions. And for that I had to be sure to be aware of the latest technological developments in the world. Abstracts of this impromptu lecture I present for your court. 

— T-34 tank. This tank by the world community as the best medium tank of the Second World War. And the silence is an outstanding achievement of Soviet military-industrial complex no one can.
— Tank KV. Even the Germans declared it the best heavy tank of the first half of the Second World War and that the Germans could not knock out any one of his anti-tank gun. They have balanced the odds in heavy tanks only with the release of their heavy tanks series "Tiger" and "Panther".
— JS-2. The best heavy tank end of the Second World War, which could not compete even fascist "Tigers" of all modifications. Reluctantly, this fact is recognized by the majority of foreign experts.
— Yak-3. The best lightweight fighter of World War II, according to many foreign experts. In their tactical and technical qualities superior to any fighter at the time.
— The Soviet atomic bomb, which we have done in just two years, almost empty place. We can talk about what we say, took the atomic bomb project from the Americans. Say, if you have nothing better to do. Paper with drawings — this one, and the finished object in the form of a nuclear weapon — is quite another. Now drawings atomic charge can be taken online. Take it and do it! Who’s stopping you? However, it will not work. Because of its production is necessary to create the appropriate scientific and technical and industrial base. And this base should be created in the war-ravaged country. And the Soviet people under the leadership of the Soviet government and its Communist Party has created such a base. But for some reason there is no monument to this outstanding feat of the Soviet people.
— Hydrogen Bomb, which we did the first in the world, ahead of the Americans, who have started to work on it much earlier and worked for almost ten years. And we got it in the forty-ninth year on the war-torn land. That’s how powerful potential possessed Soviet civilization, if was able to like the impossible?
— The world’s first nuclear power plant in Obninsk. As a model of peaceful uses of the atom. Americans have nuclear bombs and nuclear submarines were doing, and here we have taken, with the power of the atom itself launched ahead of the rich, oily and never fought on its territory America.
— The world’s first nuclear-powered icebreaker. Another example of peaceful Soviet approach to the use of nuclear energy in the world.
— The world’s first earth satellite. It was a terrible blow to the prestige and the psychology of Americans. And they found that the success of the Soviet accident.
— Then followed the first-ever launch of high-end living beings into space, the dogs Belka and Strelka, and return them to the ground.
— And then there is what we Americans still can not just turn up the world’s first cosmonaut, a citizen of the Soviet Union Yuri Gagarin. That’s when the U.S. President said his famous words: Russian beat us in the competition for the Cosmos for the school desk. And that is the best in the world of education, the current Russian radical Democrats for two decades actively depleted.
— And so we went our impressive achievements in space exploration: the world’s first pictures of the back side of the moon, delivered to the Earth, and the world’s first globe of the moon with the detailed framework of a satellite of our planet’s topography.
— First pennant from Earth, delivered to the moon and left there forever as a symbol of the triumph of Soviet Socialist system in this land.
— The world’s first moving vehicle, the so-called lunar rover, delivered to the moon and the long months of moving along the surface of the moon and transmitting pictures of the moon on the earth.
— The world’s first orbiting space station orbiting around the earth, with a relief crew of astronauts working on it for several months.
— The world’s first reusable spacecraft called "Buran", launched from the orbital vehicle and returning to the ground in the automatic mode. The outstanding achievement of Soviet space, and then thrown out at the direction of the U.S. State Department, the new masters of Russia to the dump.
— The world’s first television tower sverhvysotnaya (Ostankino), built on an unusual and Ultrasafe domestic project.
— The world’s best automatic rifle brilliant Soviet worker who became a prominent designer, Mikhail Kalashnikov. In today’s Russia, such as he is, by anyone other than a porter in the market, get a job never could.
— The most massive in the world of semi-automatic welding steel gas-shielded consumable electrode and now called the Russian welding or welding in carbon dioxide.
— Automatic submerged arc welding of metals, with which we are in the Great Patriotic welded hull tanks "Tankograd" in the Urals.
— Automatic welding of unlimited thickness of the metal, the so-called electro-slag welding, which in Soviet times was widely used in the manufacture of large body parts for various purposes weighing several tons.
— One of the most popular ways of obtaining high-alloy steels with specified properties, now called electroslag remelting.
— The development of mass production of multilayer spiral tubes for high-pressure gas pipelines, butt weld which when installed in the field are now performed by the method proposed by the author of this article.
— Development of production of soldered and welded in place, metal high-voltage transmission towers.
— Development of production of the world’s largest converter for steelmaking capacity of more than five hundred tons.
— Development of production of converter steel with blowing molten liquid oxygen instead of air.
— Introduction of a unified energy system, unique in the world for such large-area states. In America, it is still there, and we have! More precisely — it was! Chubais and his friend Boris Yeltsin and destroyed it.
— United geological map for the entire country, in which you can still predict the location of mineral resources. Any major country in the world such a card is still no.
— The world’s first plant for controlled thermonuclear fusion tokamak type.
— The world’s first mobile unit to launch ballistic missiles at the base of rail cars, which is unique in the world until now, no, and that we have destroyed, at the request of the U.S. State Department in a memorable nineties.
— The world’s first nuclear-powered submarine with two-layer welded hull that can operate at depths of over six hundred meters.
— The world‘s first nuclear-powered submarine with welded titanium, capable of diving to a depth of up to a thousand meters.
— The world’s first aircraft with variable geometry wings that made a splash in his time at the air parade in Le Bourget.
— The world’s first aircraft with a vertical lift and landing.
— The world’s first jet airliner.
— The world’s first supersonic passenger airliner. In general, it is necessary to recognize that more than forty percent of the world’s passenger aircraft in the second half of the twentieth century were equipped with Soviet aircraft.
— World’s first "winged", a kind of hybrid marine vessel flying the aircraft and one tested at the end of the eighties, unique in the world so far yet.
— The world’s first transport aircraft capable of carrying through the air in excess of 250 tons of payload.
— The world’s first ship hydrofoil.
— The world’s first butt welding of large buildings diesel locomotives and ships.
— The world’s first industrial butt welding of pipes of pipelines in the field.
— The first and only in the world of boring machine for bodies of water turbines with a diameter faceplate to fifteen meters.
— The world’s first heavy-truck load capacity of 850 tons for deposits of coal and iron ore in southern Yakutia.
— The only country in the world, letting out a big power walking excavators with bucket capacity of more than 150 cubic meters.
— The only country in the world, letting out high-power floating dredge for gold and rare earth minerals from the bottom of rivers.

All I have here called — this is only something that I immediately came to mind and I could tell right away without thinking almost every technically competent and inquisitive Soviet people. On these, our achievements have written in magazines "Technology of Youth," "Knowledge is power", "Science and Life", "Young technician" and a number of other periodicals of the Soviet Union, leaving millions of copies. And we are now in the country do not. They were replaced by countless glossy magazines with half-naked and completely naked girls.
And for sure I’m missing something, for which I apologize to the readers. But if anyone has the add-on that is my list, happy to accept them!
This suggests the basic conclusion from which no getting around it, even if they wanted to. The conclusion is: the Soviet Union in its development was at the forefront of global technological progress and its contribution to human civilization is extremely large. That is, the Soviet state system was an order of magnitude more efficient capitalist. Despite its natural and costs for three terrible wars that swept over our open spaces.
Under the Soviet system, Russia under the Soviet regime was rapidly developing. And did not develop at the expense of foreign investment, have come to us for a free ride on the crazy profit, and at the expense of internal resources and the vast resources of the Soviet political system, based on a socialist democracy.

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