Yandex has released its own browser

The novelty is closely integrated with the Internet services of the Russian company — search, maps, mail, translator, etc. "Yandeks.Brauzer" can give the user a hint with ready-made answers, helping to speed up the search for relevant information. As in most other modern browsers, the address bar of the program will be administered as web sites and search queries. From malicious sites to help protect the integrated anti-virus technology, "Yandex" and "Kaspersky Lab".

 Technologically browser "Yandex" uses the same platform as the Chrome from Google — Shromium project with open source, based on the engine, WebKit. However, developments and other uses, particularly from Opera Software. The program includes technology support Adobe Flash, as well as the viewer pdf-files.

"Yandeks.Brauzer" can be downloaded on Monday, starting from 17:00, Moscow time, on-site The program supports Windows and Mac OS X.



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