Yaroslavl Motor Works Autodiesel visited by the delegation of the Republic of Belarus

During his visit to the Yaroslavl region on April 26, the Belarusian delegation visited the factory JAMZ-530 of "Autodiesel", about 50 percent of production is now imported to Belarus. The guests took part in a meeting on the development of cooperative relations in mechanical engineering. The meeting was held at the new site mid-line engines JAMZ-530 Yaroslavl Motor Plant.

First Deputy Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus Ivan Demidovich:"Yaroslavl has taken a huge step to move their industry on modern equipment. This is the future of relations between Belarus and the Yaroslavl region. This is a strong incentive to renew our cooperation on a completely new basis. 530-th engine that meets the environmental standards Euro 4 and, in the future, the Euro-5, lays the foundation for closer cooperation between enterprises of our country, because the better your engine, the better and our car. "


The meeting discussed cooperation engineering enterprises of the Yaroslavl Oblast and the Republic of Belarus, joint activities to raise consumer awareness about the benefits of new models of the machinery. Guests from Belarus visited the production site of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant, which produced 530 engine family, noted a high degree of equipping it with modern equipment, qualified managers and production staff, as well as high production.

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in the Russian Federation Igor Petrishenko:"We need to continue the joint cooperation of cooperative diesel building, the more that half of the potential customers produced" car diesel "engines are the enterprises of the Republic of Belarus. Subject to the conditions established in the common economic space, we are equally ready to expand our localization of components to replace imports, which will lead to lower costs, reduce costs, create new jobs and to engage in more cooperation links between Belarusian and Russian companies. "


Production of engines of JAMZ-530 with a deep degree of localization is organized on a new site (square of about 56 thousand sq. m.), The construction of which "Autodiesel" completed in November 2011. This is actually the first engine-plant built in Russia for the last 35 years, the level of equipment with modern equipment and process automation is not inferior to the best companies of the world engine.

JAMZ-530 — a new family of mid-line 4 — and 6-cylinder diesel engines from 120 to 320 hp "Euro-4" with the potential to provide "Euro-5" and "Euro 6". In JAMZ-530 engines used advanced design solutions for layout, management and operation of major systems to ensure their reliability and efficiency. JAMZ-530 engines have the advantage over most foreign and domestic counterparts on such parameters as power and torque with lower fuel consumption.

The low cost of modern engines at construction provides them with a high level of competitiveness, both in Russia and abroad. The new engines are designed for use on a wide range of equipment, including automotive, tractor and agricultural, power systems for industrial use, construction equipment and power structures of the Ministry of Defense.


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