2011 — Year of the Environment in China

2011 — Year of the Environment in China Facts

As China welcomes the new year of the Dragon, which has more impact on the climate and weather, this article will address environmental events that fall into the main headlines.

  1. While air pollution is aggravated to a dangerous level in the Chinese capital, the most discussed in the environmental question was smog. The government promised to improve the rate of ozone pollution, nitrogen oxides and fine particles PM2, 5, damaging the respiratory system. To date, official data very blurry, so most of Beijing residents rely on data of U.S. monitoring stations.

  2. Dead fish in the crevices of dry lake Poyang. Lack of water is the biggest problem of the environment in China due to increased use of rivers and aquifers, as well as pollution and climate change. In early 2011, in the north of China, which is the main source of wheat, there was one of the strongest drought in 60 years. As a result of the Yangtze basin suffered.

  3. Trucks with coal sent from the Mongolian career in China. The growing demand for fuel, ore and other minerals in China creates an economic boom in countries rich in natural resources. Also, the increasing environmental problems and social conflicts. Thus, the growing ethnic tensions between the Mongols, Tibetans and Uighurs as hydro and natural resources in their territories are used excessively. Thousands of Mongolian protesters took to the streets in May 2011, when the driver of the truck moved the Chinese Mongolian nomad.

  4. Solar power generation in China has increased by 3 times in 2011, with the main growth in the use of wind power and hydropower planned for 2012. Were also announced plans to increase jobs to protect the environment in the field of renewable energy. The main project is the creation of environmental Tyantsyn where buildings with solar panels (as shown in the photo) will be located along the coast of Bohai.

  5. After numerous molten nuclear fuel elements 3 reactors at Fukushima fear radiation is transferred to the entire East Asia. As part of the measures to suppress panic paramilitary officer talks about the danger of nuclear contamination in a school in the province of Anhui. But the panic among the people planted the rumor that the salt can reduce the risks. As a result, people began to sweep away the salt from the shelves, and the price is increased by 5 times.

  6. The program exports pandas began after it was developed breeding pandas in captivity. The photo is an employee at the research center in Chengdu with a 4-month-old cub. Researchers are also working to develop pandas raised in captivity, to life in the wild.

  7. Factory worker in a mask stands in front of the logo of Apple. Scandals related to pollution and working conditions, the company's supply chain broke. Some campaigners claim that Apple — one of the least of public companies operating in China. But in late 2011, based in the United States published a list of companies operating in the Apple.

  8. The scale of the oil film in half of London spread out in the Bohai Bay oil platform. However, the public became aware of it only a month later. Strange discovery problems in Penglai Oil Field aroused the suspicions of the environmentalists, the population engaged in fishing, and local media.

  9. Graduates carefully cross the bridge, plunged into the water as a result of the June flood lake in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Victims of torrential rains in southern and eastern China were about 100 people, several million people were evacuated. Chinese experts said that the rains will become more intense. But to date, the worst flooding in Asia is flooding in Thailand in fall 2011, which lasted several months.

  10. Working to restore the destroyed areas after landslides near the tank "Three Gorges". In May, the government announced that the largest dam in China threatens to geological hazards. Despite the positive aspects of the dam, which controls floods and droughts, the first time it was considered a negative influence on the river and the water supply.

  11. Environmental problems and social instability go hand in hand in 2011 in China. The largest is the rally, which brought together more than 10,000 people to protest against the construction of a chemical plant paraksilolovogo in Dalian, the purest city in China. The main representatives of the city authorities said they will stop work of a large petrochemical plant Fujia, if the plant will start to build in Dalian.

  12. Butchers cut the dorsal fins of dead fish in Putzi, Zhejiang Province. This is done to ensure the restaurants popular Chinese delicacy. In Hong Kong and most of the cities in China tend to remove the dish from the shark fin. However, the future looks dismal for other species at risk of extinction and used in traditional Chinese medicine. For example, bears are grown to produce bile.

  13. China has become a central figure in the arena of international negotiations on the issue of climate change around the world, claiming to be the leader in the movement towards green economy. In the picture environment minister speaks at a press conference at the headquarters of the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi. He has openly stated that developing countries like China, ahead of the developed countries to invest renewable energy projects, the level of which increased by 32% compared to the figures of 2010.

  14. Much more effort is needed to clean up the beach in the village of Ankang, Hainan Province. Waste recycling and incineration should be improved in the next 5 years. But the air, soil and rivers are still in poor condition. The Government is confident that in 2011 the level of contamination has decreased, but it did not improve the overall environmental situation in China.

  15. Poisoning of rivers and soil pollution, hazardous waste and heavy metals is a major problem in most parts of China. The most outrageous case is shedding 5,000 tons of toxic chromium Luliang Chemical Company in Yunnan Province. The photo of the neighboring residents Tsyuytszin standing next to a sign warning "water contains toxins. Humans and animals is forbidden to drink it. "

  16. 345,000 people to move from Hainan Province in connection with a grand water projects, which should solve the problem of transporting water at a distance of 1277 kilometers from the Yangtze basin to the north of the country, severely injured during a drought. Appropriateness of resettlement is in question, as the drought may spread to the south, while the north will again be fully provided with water.

  17. Rallies to protect the environment in 2011 is sometimes accompanied by serious clashes with the police, both in Guangdong province, where six people were injured during a protest against the construction of power plants, coal-fired.

  18. "The bursting of" watermelon Danya began May sensation. This happened after the agronomists mistakenly applied forhlorfenuron accelerator, plant growth. The case of watermelons caused a lively interest in the issues of inefficient agriculture and excessive use of fertilizers on the background of scandals on the safety of food sold. On the eve of the rice was detected cadmium in milk — toxic melamine in soy sauce — arsenic, and pork — bit.

  19. Many hope that the Year of the Dragon in the sky will be clearer. Public expectations are rising with an understanding of the danger that threatens the health of people in terms of pollution. The government claims that the issue will be monitored carefully, but scientists believe that it is not earlier than 20 years, we can talk about the possibility of fresh air.

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