After Libya, Iran will be. After Iran — Our homeland

In Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, Iran, even with more or less clear — why are they "blow up" or could be undermined. In general, a few months back so you can imagine can only dream. Ben Ali ruled the state for 24 years old, Mubarak — 30, Gaddafi — 42. The best years of his life in the presidential chair, a political eternity …

Procedure overexposed not only local leaders, dictators, the U.S. with the growing ambitions of the world, "looking", the big South American media, oil gushing in the "liberation" fire, flavor oil in the taste of blood — that seems to be the main components of the Eastern revolutions XXI-st century. And, perhaps, are the fundamental building blocks of future revolutions and the world at large? At this point would Mephistopheles said this: "People are dying for energy." No sooner he said something like: "People are pushing die for energy." And would have been right.

And yet — why suddenly should "take off" Russia? Where such, to put it mildly, weird guesses? On which they are based? This was not only in the interview to "Phrase" said past military spy, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, the favorite of the party "Great Ukraine" Igor Berkut:

Do you think the action in North Africa and the Middle East — the random?

If an element of chance and there was, just maybe, at the very beginning. All first thought that this is all happening spontaneously. But now, almost no one can believe that such a chain of events is quite random.

There are, as you know, the two versions. The first version that is inspired by what is certain run-in technology.

This version is more plausible?

This version reads as follow. Was at one time a string of so-called "color revolutions." They are referred to as the world, not us. Were initially Ukraine and Georgia. Such personal "clownish Revolution": with songs, dances, performances Bilyk and Ruslana, and so on. Ukrainian government could somehow resist this, but the government then was paralyzed …


Since when was a threat of freezing accounts in the west Pinchuk, Kuchma immediately surrendered. A similar situation occurred with the Georgian "Rose Revolution".

Later in the "color revolutions" are beginning to emerge, some criminal elements. Example — a revolution in Moldova and the "color revolution" in Kyrgyzstan, when it takes place violence, arson, and so merciless confrontation. Later, similar revolution scamper for the next level ("Jasmine Revolution" in Tunisia), when it appears the confrontation with the army, crossing the army on someone's specific direction, and so on.

Very hard to prove that these revolutions are not instigated from outside. After all, Look at yourself as simply "turn off" or "include".

What do you mean?

In Egypt, people took to the streets, and all the world's media simultaneously talk about it. It took a number of days and all of a sudden revolution in Egypt, as if by a click of the fingers, was "turned off": the world's media quickly finished for her to broadcast.

Hosni Mubarak stepped down. Maybe that's why, and finished, and all the attention was transferred to the situation in Libya?

Maybe so. But, look, it is now off of the information space of Iraq. And then the action takes place even incompatible with the Libyan. There's such actions occur constantly.

In addition, we are pushing to the fact that the revolution in Africa — inspired, besides following fact. See the "color revolutions" in Ukraine and Georgia — were the favorites, were utilities that were landmarks. Later, already appear far-fetched favorites — Moldova, Kyrgyzstan. And today's leaderless revolution in general. That's who controls the opposition in Libya, the opposing forces of Gaddafi? Have you ever heard any names or last names?

Now they say a lot about the events in Libya. Media constantly give information, they say, the confrontation last government and the opposition, the opposition is something that offers something says. But we can not behold the 1st person who has ever pulled close to the one who could command a hundred square meters or tyschey people, not to mention the command of the entire opposition. There have only very occasional comments from completely random people.

Maybe a "leader" the Libyan opposition — the United States?

We are well aware that the situation in Libya is not like Egypt or Tunisia. In Libya there is a war for oil. Libya oil supplies to Europe in the main, and if the United States is now under the control of the Strait of Hormuz would be the Suez Canal, the Libyan supplies to Europe will be completely under the control of the United States. Because all of this is very similar to what we have undertaken some special global destabilization.

There is such a thing as "arc anaconda" — North Africa, the Middle East and beyond. So here in this "arc" was, in our opinion, two breaks — Libya and Iran. One suspects that if the scenario happens with Libya, which is currently driven around, then followed, of course, is Iran.

As we litsezreem, with a few global TV channels simply referred to as a "virtual revolution". We live in such a time when you can make a revolution, which do not really exist, but all the channels will read about it and all the people in the world will think that it is true, as demonstrated on TV.

Hence the question: why did the riots was impossible to predict the authorities such as Tunisia or Egypt to destroy them even in the embryo? ..

Realize if there is no make-up on the outside, it does not matter what kind of power in 99 of 100 cases cope with at least some demonstration or protest. No matter what kind of power! It's completely accurate.

In Libya, since we have about it at this point say, the situation was quite different than in the same Egypt or Tunisia. In Libya, unlike other states, had the highest standard of living in all of Africa. In Libya, the average salary (excluding payments to migrant workers, it is essentially) would be $ 1200 per month. In addition, in Libya, there were many different social assistance programs. For example, each year the government 10 point guard of thousands of cars in the middle of more disadvantaged groups. In Libya, was created by the best, than in almost all countries of the world (much the best, than in Ukraine) medical system software. There's ultramodern clinic. Libya — the only country in Africa where education from beginning to end free. In other words, in a certain sense, Libya was one of the socialist state, which dreams of many Ukrainians, and not only the Ukrainians.

And they themselves were in Libya? If so, what are you personally (not from the stories, and you personally) have developed memories?

I was in Libya in 1996, when Ukraine bandit Mafia Cop allow yourself to anything you want. Then we have authority ruled areas and entire towns. Then, in Libya, we somehow came out with friends on the street about 1 am and were then shocked to the core that they have NIGHT MODE was normal, quiet, and the house playing football kids. The kids are playing, couples sit on benches, people go. You to see yourself, that in Ukraine in 1996, a young man with a woman relaxed NIGHT MODE was sitting on a bench in the park … Here's a Libya.

I do not want to say, under any circumstances, that Muammar Gaddafi — an angel with white wings. No. But we must not forget that in countries with a similar culture, and this mentality is so absolutely impossible to adhere to any rules sverhdemokraticheskih. But, do not forget that Gaddafi specifically finished plainclothes war, w
hich lasted in Libya last 30 — 40 years.

Therefore, if a close look at all the things mentioned above, in other words suspicion that Libya has got all the same, what is called, "under the hand".

You said that Libya will be followed after Iran. Why Iran?

This is the conclusion I have made in the last week. God forbid that he was wrong.

Yes, to be followed by Iran. In this "arc anaconda" simply had no more breakouts. Only Libya and Iran. "Doug anaconda" — it's like a fuse. The detonator — Afghanistan. And Iran or Pakistan — it is explosive. Iran is independent of U.S. policy, and therefore need to end it. A Pakistan as boiler explosion, which owns nuclear weapon, too, must somehow work.

I consider the subsequent destabilization of Pakistan and Iran, as an opportunity to destabilize a large region with a nuclear weapon. In the forthcoming it will lead to certain consequences, such as the general blockade of the region, where thousands of ships will not be able to leave the ports are blocked when the Strait of Hormuz, the Suez Canal, and so on. All of this can be seen as "a big chess game."

Who can win this "game"?

And who invaded Afghanistan? Who invaded Iraq? I have another similar force in the world do not know. Realize, with the most uncommon army in the world, just perfect from the standpoint of training and equipment, it would be silly to have it and not to indulge in. Willy nilly, or the United States are required to let his army in motion. In order to, on-1's, has not appeared in the ranks of the army of internal moral decay when there are no threats, and like as not always make sense to support the army in fighting condition. After all, the U.S. military has found more than 140 countries around the world, because it is very basic. And, in-2, the U.S. Army has to pay off.

Ukrain may undermine as, for example, the same or Tunisia Libya?

If those who will want to have a revolution, will be able to prove that they are customized pro-American — it can be. Then they immediately turn on "hurdy-gurdy", which will inform that the Ukraine, they say, are necessary democratic changes, the need to end the dictatorship, for example, Yanukovych and the similar. Now we are very dependent on how and on what we utter on TV.

What, then, has to do our power to prevent revolutions in Ukraine: "tighten the screws", "unscrew the screws" or do nothing, letting the events unfold evolutionarily?

Let's start with the fact that the current government in Ukraine is one hundred percent satisfied with the U.S.. She is in-1's, regularly pays the most highest percentage of its debts — to 9 percent. Countries such as, for example, Romania, pays 1.75 percent. And while our government will regularly pay the bills, do not motivate anyone else would.

The authorities should all IMF recipes. In any case, trying to follow them. Necessary to make the economy more competitive? Necessary. What is easiest to do this? The easiest way to kill old people, they say, death after 60 years — sort of like a natural thing … We have stolen up to 40 percent of the municipal budget. This amount is several times greater than the lack of at least some of the Pension Fund. Sovereign Efremov — a favorite of the parliamentary majority — said that if we bring up to 10 percent of theft, then, they say, this can be directly before the eyes shut …

Even if we are up to 90 years podenimem retirement age, it still does not give as corrupt machine will eat any means.

After Libya, as you say, the situation will spread to Iran. And then what?

And later will be our home.

Nothing to turn himself …

All is depending on whether a successful "Iran" scenario.

See, after Georgia followed the script was "Crimean script." If Georgia defeated in the war with Russia, then in November 2008 was already planned outbreak of violence in the Crimea. And then there was in power Yushchenko. This was the reason to invite a peacekeeping force in the Crimea, and it would put a complete end to the ability of finding the forthcoming Russian fleet in Crimea. Only the victory of the Russian Federation in Georgia has suspended the script that has already been painted and South American ships, "the orange juice" were already in Batumi.

If the "Iranian scenario" work, then our prediction is. In Russia, a few will be prepared (from 1 to 3) grabs mines with nuclear warheads or command starting Fri

Terrorists will launch Russian nuclear missiles?

No, do not do this, they need to be. You will need to show the world (you will need a couple of months) that the Russian elite is not able to control a nuclear weapon. Or will attempt to either capture (does not matter, as it is named, is fundamentally a show) mobile missile "Topol", which are also mobile.

If the international community will be able to bring the global media that the Russian elite has lost control of a nuclear weapon, then the question arises, what is the instrument must be passed to other hands.

I recently was in the United States. So that's where there is an exact held belief among the Yankees, that our home is not in a position to use their natural resources.

It's all about the resources …

I think that four out of five held the Yankees are convinced that South American strategic supplies of oil and gas are stored in Siberia and in the Arctic Ocean. If you wait, "Iranian scenario", then you can simply undermine Central Asia. And this is the "bomb" is not worse than the Caucasus, because only in one Uzbekistan millions of people can be applied even in drug trafficking, though in trading instrument, though as terrorist mercenaries. This is a great "bomb."

When can it happen?

Will the Iran — that's the whole issue. The very preparation may take a year or two. And at least some reason that can work here, will result in the issue of danger around the world from Russian nuclear weapons will be the main theme for the entire northern hemisphere of the globe. Then there will be a question that has not been completed — the dismemberment of the Russian Federation and the transfer of control over it.

Our homeland or, if this is all begins, will have to accept the fact that the Western oil companies will have full control and direct access to, the attention shareholding Russian pipeline system, mining and geological reconnaissance.

If the script is going to work with Iran, the best candidates for the upcoming use of the U.S. military and the information machine than our native land, we do not litsezreem. Apart from the Russian Federation will no longer be just anybody. This — the last country that, in addition, is a pretty feeble, sparsely populated, where the population is deeply divided, has no common goal, vision and historical perspectives. Russia now holds just one whole Putin. But he is such there is only one.

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