Agricultural machinery of shuffles to Volga Field Day 2012

5 July 2012, a collective farm (APC) to them. Michurina Vavozh district was "Volga Field Day 2012".
In order to increase the yield of crops and the introduction of advanced technologies in crop production was a demonstration of agricultural machinery show in the work. Has been shown by various tillage soil tillage implements, technology fodder.

In the fields of agricultural cooperative started a broad exposure, in which each region of the Volga Federal District introduced its modern production technology and scientific expertise in the field of crop production. Exhibition bribed a wide range of the most modern pieces of agricultural machinery and equipment, was presented with dignity and rural engineering Udmurtia. On

JSC "Sharkanski RTP" Udmurt village of Sharkan introduced manufactured tillage equipment:

  • TILLER KMN — 8-4. For seedbed preparation

The advantages of these cultivators is to reduce energy costs by 2-2.5 times compared to the existing system tilling, cultivating ability to depths of 3 to 10 cm, 100% vyravnivaemost soil, the maximum moisture retention in the subsurface roll it topsoil, combing the weeds.

  • KH — 4. For the main processing

Cultivators mounted KH-4, KH-6 are designed for resource-saving technologies of tillage. Performs a single pass: loosening and crumbling soil layer by layer to a depth of 18 cm, trimming weeds. Cultivator is equipped with a working organs imported from Warranty life to1500 hectares. Favorably with the price of similar imported.

  • AFB — 6.7. Versatile modular 

WOC-6, 7 and the unit is presowing cultivator for autumn tillage, while its flexibility is that part of the unit is not used for zjablevoj (3 rows of S-shaped racks and rollers) is removable. 


Russian presidential envoy to the Volga Federal District interested in how data are available for the machine selhoztovaroproizvo-ers. I got an answer to subsidize 50% of the total cost of cultivators Sharkanski RTP, he seems satisfied. "At these events, we can see which technique comes into our economy, it starts to pay off and it is not irretrievable investment of money, — said Mikhail Babich. — Udmurtia — one of the best regions of the Volga region, not only for milk production, but also the introduction of new technologies and modernization of agriculture. She now has the technological solutions, not at all inferior to foreign technology. What we saw at the show — it's not experimental, and production models that are already working in almost all farms in the region. This is just one example that should be replicated, Udmurtia experience will be useful for other regions of the district. We see another unique example — Vavozh district, from the Soviet period exceeded their performance on the production of milk three times. Even on a national scale such examples a bit. " 

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