Airplane Rysachok passes certification tests


In Samara began certification testing light multipurpose aircraft, "Rysachok", created in the Samara Space Center rocket "Progress Samara Space Center."

Certification tests include various tests of the airplane, its components, systems and components and will last about one and a half years. Getting the aircraft type certification and production certification simultaneously give the opportunity to start in Samara series production aircraft.

The tests will be used by all five copies made in the "Progress Samara Space Center" test batch of aircraft "Rysachok." Number of certification work will be conducted in the Flight Research Institute named after M. Gromov in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region.

"Rysachok" — a light twin-engine multi-purpose aircraft with turboprop engines M601F firm Walter (Czech Republic) with a capacity of 750 hp Range — up to 2 thousand km, maximum altitude — 5 thousand m, capacity — 1570 kg, cruising speed range — from 250 to 400 km per hour. The crew — two people. The machine can be used for passenger transportation and agriculture processing of crops, as well as educational and training purposes.

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