Alabama dominated storms

Alabama dominated storms Natural Disasters

According to the Red Cross, storms and a tornado sweeping through the U.S. state of Alabama, caused the destruction of more than two hundred houses. More residential and business premises were damaged. According to preliminary estimates, at least two people were killed in the storm, hundreds more were injured. Throughout the state officially declared state of emergency.

As it turned out, hardest hit Jefferson County, which had come from two of the victims, and it was located in Clay. Wind speed near the city reached 240 km / h Elementary School, the Center Point, 80% turned to rubble, most likely, it will not recover and will be demolished. For local residents during the storm activity was real torture, since the main part of it took place in the dark. At sunrise, the damage was even more terrible. The local organization is forging harvesting activities.
For many people, their homes have become trapped as exits and access roads were littered with fallen trees. The storm system stretched from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, the rain was accompanied by hail and strong winds. The likelihood of a tornado is high for the state of Arkansas.
A little less than a year ago, in April, a similar storm killed 241 people, 64 of them also lived in Jefferson and Tuscaloosa counties. Fortunately, none of the previously affected towns in this storm was not involved. Strong tornadoes occurred in the area in April 1998, while 34 people injured, 260 people were injured.

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