At the height of summer in Norway, the snow fell

July 1, 2013. Despite the fact that in northern Europe for a long time now it's summer, the last weekend of June could hardly be called a sunny and warm. Over the mountain plateau Hardangervidda, located in western Norway Hardanger, real snow fell.

Taken aback by the sudden snowfall tens traveling on roads plateau tourists and locals. For their evacuation took special rescue tugs. There was so much snow, and the temperature was close to zero (+0,9 ° C), which did not allow precipitation to melt quickly. To clean up the roads connecting a number of towns and villages in the municipality of Eidfjord, had to use a winter snow-clearing equipment.

Locals say that in late June on the plateau had never seen snow, even in spite of the fact that it is high enough (1200-1600) and at a relatively small distance from the Arctic Circle. As long as the weather finally stabilized, all drivers warn unnecessarily not make long trips podmerzshie on slippery roads. At the same time in the Norwegian mountains forecasters fix abnormally low amounts of snow throughout the year.


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