BELARUS AND RUSSIA caught in arms deliveries Sudan

 BELARUS AND RUSSIA caught in arms deliveries Sudan
Our homeland Belarus and Sudan set of weapons and military equipment, violating the UN ban on the supply of arms to the country, introduced in 2005. It is reported by Agence France-Presse, with reference to the UN professionals. It is about 80-mm unguided rockets S-8 and Su-25 set in Sudan Belarus (pictured), and transport and combat helicopters Mi-24 Russian supplies. Allocated technique was assigned Sudanese Air Force in 2008.
Military equipment delivered Sudan Belarus and Russia, was seen at the airport in Darfur. It is used by the authorities of the Sudan to attack the rebels in Darfur. According to the UN, with the introduction of stormtroopers airstrikes and helicopter gunships are applied to human and Fri rebel camp for a few days, then there enter military trucks. The UN has also said that the Sudanese authorities to use armored vehicles produced in Iran.
Plainclothes war in Sudan began in 2003 with a performance of non-Arab rebels against the government of origin. Initially limited to the military conflict in Darfur. In 2004, the UN imposed a ban on the supply of weapons to the province, but in 2005, extend it to the whole country. Currently, the United Nations stands for tightening international sanctions against Sudan.
In June 2012, the human rights organization Amnesty Internationl announced that Ukraine engaged in supplying South Sudan weapons and military equipment. Namely, it was a T-72 tanks, which used the People’s Liberation Army on fire at peaceful inhabitants.
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