Built for the Defense Ministry vessel Amber launched on

Built for the Defense Ministry vessel "Amber" launched on

Baltic Shipyard (CCL) "Amber" on Wednesday launched the oceanographic vessel for deep research, which was built by order of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Northern Fleet has to enter it in 2014.

As told reporters the chief management of the Head of deep research of the Ministry of Defence, Vice Admiral Alexei Burilichev, ship "Amber"Vessel is the last generation. According to its features, it is much greater than the oceanic Russian Navy ships.

"There are a full set complex oceanographic equipment that will allow to carry out the full range of research in the ocean. Unlike other vessels, it is equipped on research complex seabed. Has a set of unmanned autonomous operated vehicles, manned vehicles such as "Russia", "Consul", "The World." Also ship will be used for rescue purposes, his equipment will allow search of sunken objects on the Days ", — said Burilichev.

He clarified that the ship has modern forms of communication, as complexes of scientific disk imaging processing. Scientists will be able to handle real-time and transmit to the saving value via satellite acquired data.

Oceanographic vessel "Amber" was laid July 8, 2010, a day of the 65th anniversary of the plant, and named his naming. This is the lead ship of the project 22010 Development of the Central Marine Design Bureau (CMDB) "Diamond". At the moment the hull absolutely formed, it set all the basic equipment, wiring and last trubomontazhnye work, isolation rooms. The preparation for loading on a vessel main tripping complexes.

Displacement tonnage of 5.2 thousand tons, length — 108.1 m, width — 17.2 meters. The contract for its construction was signed with the basic management of deep research of the Ministry of Defence in February 2009.

As reporters said Chief Designer of marine support vessels and special purpose ships CMDB "Diamond" Alexander Forst, on a set of technical means ship "Amber" is unique in the world.

"This is a unique vessel in this regard. It has all the complex, manned and unmanned vehicles, towed systems, oceanographic equipment. So it was all on the same ship — even that of the world as it is not "- said Forst.

According to him, the board will be two manned submersibles — "Rus" and "The Consul," which have already been built at the Admiralty shipyards.

"They will be mounted on a rotating environment, because at any moment a descent can be made one or the other device. Nearby is unmanned underwater apparatus, which will conduct research at a depth of 6 km, "- said the designer.

As the chief designer CMDB "Diamond" Alexander Shlyakhtenko, the vessel has a "very great supplies for modernization."

"It has a helicopter based unchanging, universal hangars to modern technology — it can be our machines, and equipment imported production. This is the" long-playing "the ship, virtually platform. Now it meets the highest standards," — said Shlyakhtenko.

According to him, the ship will not give up in two steps. In 2013, the municipal begin tests, most of which will end by the end of the year. Sophisticated research facilities will be tested during 2013-2014. In the Northern Fleet vessel "Amber" has to enter in 2014.

According to the experience of its operation will be decided on the construction of an equivalent vessel. Especially since, as highlighted by Vice Admiral Burilichev, the need for similar courts have on ocean fleets — the Northern and Pacific.

Rule of Law "Amber"Formed by 8 July 1945 on the basis of Koenigsberg shipyard offices F. Schichau. He practiced in building small and medium vessels military and civilian purpose, also on carrying out ship repair works. During 67 years at the factory built 156 warships and more than 500 civilian courts. At the current time controlling stake "Shipyard" Yantar "is in control of the government in the person of JSC" United Shipbuilding Company. "

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