Canada: Smog from forest fires covered the provinces of Ontario and Quebec

July 4, 2013. Wildfires raging for several days in Canada, provoked the appearance of smog over the southern provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Something like that experienced people in Central Russia in 2010! Warning of the danger and orders regarding the smog was declared in almost all districts of Southern Quebec. In Ontario, while this is the status of the reduced risk, but if the fire does not stop, because of the smog formed in cities and towns, this region may also help in the disaster area.

At the moment, forest fires have destroyed about 250,000 hectares of forest. But in addition to poisoning the atmosphere by combustion products of other natural disaster risks can not be held. Almost completely safe are residential areas of cities and towns, and fire crews managed to put a barrier in the way of fire.

Nevertheless, the prevention of smog will act more about a day, until the concentration of soot in the air drops to the safe performance. During this period, the Canadians are prohibited widespread use of aerosols, gas engines and gas solvents.

Source: Meteovesti

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