Canada will face serious environmental changes

Canada will face serious environmental changes Facts

According to research by NASA in 2100 in the Canadian prairies and northern areas of projected large-scale environmental changes, which will be the main cause of global warming.

A significant number of flora and fauna of the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to migrate to the north. Around the world due to the increasing effects of global warming, some environmental areas, such as deserts and tundra, also change the geographical coordinates. The greatest impact will in Western Canada. In Figure 1, highlighted in red zone, which completely changed the landscape. This applies to the Canadian prairies with a wide transition zone (ecotone) of moderate to high latitudes, from grassy areas to forest areas.

Canadian prairies much poredeyut, wetlands will dry up, there will be migration of all, for the life of which we need grass. Certain species disappear.

In general, due to the rise in temperature by 2-4 degrees 37% of the ecosystem is fully modified and in 49% of re-formed several biomes of the flora, which will adversely affect grazing on this planet.

Fig. 1. Types of environmental landscapes of the Earth, which by 2010 due to climate disasters will undergo changes.

The consequences of global warming for Canada:

1) The threat of extinction of some species of living organisms

2) The melting of Arctic ice

3) Weather anomalies

4) Insecurity northern forests

5) The migration of species of living organisms in different climatic zones

6) Heat

7) The Incredible harvests of grain / drought

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