Drooping wings Tupolev

Drooping wings "Tupolev"

Famous Russian Aircraft offices go into the past.
Far-submarine bomber Tu-22M3 must undergo another upgrade. But whether there was potential for this machine for developers?
The last air show in August was very significant in relation to the currently prevailing in the aviation industry trends.

On the one hand, there is the ongoing development of military aviation. In this area in the past two years, will take stern was in progress as part of the development of new machines (first, of course, the T-50 and Su-35s) and a series of purchases. Recall that in December 2008 the Russian Air Force placed the orders for the purchase of 48 Su-35s, 12 Su-27SM3, 4 Su-30M2, 32 Su-34s and 34 MiG-29 SMT / collars.
On the other hand, the situation in the sphere of military-transport aviation and commercial aircraft in turn exacerbated. Impressed by the extraordinary success of the work ILYUSHIN on light military transport aircraft Il-112V, the military completed the financing of this project. After the release of the programs from the MTA of "Irkut" and orders her care of the same ilyushinskoy of it seems to have lost the smallest chance of being implemented. Even the development of the IL-476 comes with great difficulty and delays. Generally creates a memory that, if you want to ruin any project, it should be entrusted to CB Ilyushin.
With regard to commercial aircraft, then in the time that has elapsed since the last MAKS-2009, entered into commercial operation two types of regional jets — An-148 and SSJ-100. One of these machines created by the Ukrainians, the second — the latest company "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft", which grew out of the design office specializing in fighter aircraft. What's all the same to project conventional makers of passenger aircraft, they are stopped or are on the verge of stopping. Creating long-range Il-96 for commercial airlines discontinued. To the chagrin of bolshennomu apparently did not take the project Tu-204SM. You can forgot about the short-range Tu-334.

These trends reflect the event that the CB, which normally deal in Russia and commercial transport aircraft — Tupolev and Ilyushin's office, suffered in the post-Soviet period in a number of impartial and personal circumstances, particularly serious harm. In the conditions of the actual collapse of the Russian aircraft industry in these sectors, has long been rolled down to the level of single-piece production of passenger aircraft (except SSJ, which is just an example of the new approach) and transport aircraft and is not producing at all, once famous Tupolev and ilyushinskoe KB remained at the fact, without the basic "grind", which hastened their demise.

Now you can read with reasonable confidence that in areas such as the creation and establishment of passenger and military transport aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles — in other words, particularly in those sectors where the situation is more critical — do not have to rely on classical KB, and the new brands and new economic entities that emerged in post-Soviet times.
This event is well illustrated by the former Tupolev, and now JSC "Tupolev". The situation with the office all the more peculiar that the Tupolev had to own assets such seemingly strong "bonuses", as the lead position as the creator of Russian strategic bombers far and also works in the field of unmanned aircraft.
Yet in a climate of general aviation industry crisis and the sharp decline of the military power of the country after 1991, these "maps" only insignificant as a broker of JSC "Tupolev". This is understandable — the number inherited from the Soviet Union and remake it into the first post-Soviet years distant and strategic bombers for the Russian Federation was superfluous, and the harsh modernization of the park could not afford. Although the actual work on state defense orders in the area (handicapped persons in the last 5-6 years) and allowed Tupolev KB survive, but just saying that the amount of work on modern aviation far is insufficient to preserve the "Tupolev" as a large independent project company.
The main emphasis in the post-Soviet Tupolev years made on samples of new types of civilian passenger aircraft. But it must be admitted that here it crashed — albeit partly beyond his accident.
The program Tu-204/214 aircraft made by another Russian sunset times, at the moment, of course, is coming to an end. The aircraft is out of date, never becoming vsepolnotsenno business lot. Lapping machines stretched almost two decades in the criteria for the collapse of Russian air transportation market 90s, and the true time machine remains hostage to its own limited-edition. Severe air carrier to any piece plane is not needed. With all this "Tupolev" PSC, and divorced from production, and from the modern environment air, revealed their inability to present a common sales service park manufactured Tu-204/214. It is significant that the Tupolev failed to "work together" even with those companies, the operators of these machines (like Red Wings), which are critically dependent on the survival of the Tupolev product.
Refreshed Tu-204SM passing at the moment tests in the form of 2-prototyping, if any, experience has no prospects. Airlines do not want to mess with this machine. Order Iran, apparently, did not take place and the TU-204 is the future only in the form of production under state contracts of several "special plane" for various purposes — and all.
With the withdrawal of the band on the new regional jet Sukhoi SSJ-148 and An entirely given up on belatedly and also was nobody suitable Tupolev design regionalnike 80s Tu-334, did not get to the series.
With all of this Tupolev "continues to seriously promote and number up in advance in the development of such stillborn projects as regional aircraft Tu-324 and Tu-414 supersonic business plane Tu-444 (based on the experiences of Tu-144!), Transport aircraft Tu-330 and similar archaic paper exhibits from the discharge poluutopicheskih Project 20-year-old. Not so long ago, the same "Tupolev" proposed project refuel passenger planes in the air (with a tanker Tu-204), passed through the pages of world aviation press as bad funny story. Obviously, there are no funds to implement any of these particulars, and no one is going to give.
So Makar, at this point you should call a spade a spade — JSC "Tupolev" as a developer of commercial aircraft is dead. In this case, KB Tupolev died in this area itself, being quite inadequate realities of modern commercial aircraft — or not being able to give birth to the modern competitive projects or bring vsepolnotsenno existing aircraft, nor do system maintenance. It's no secret that the current state of "Tupolev" deeply lamentable — substantially reduce the area and staff, old staff, survive to retirement, the lack of young people, despondency and desolation.

Dead star
What remains at the Tupolev? Flabby R & D in the form of a distant aircraft modernization programs have long been stretching the Tu-22M3, Tu-95MS and Tu-160. The implementation of these programs themselves in the Russian Air Force, in general, yet equally sluggish. The possibility of reincarnation of "Tupolev" in the head developer of a promising aviation complex PAK DA (promising aviation complex of distant aircraft) should be considered in general as very unrealistic. Qui
te clear that if our military establishment and the KLA zahochut transfer program from the PAK DA in the actual executable, then it will have to create special international structures and control applets implementation of R & D on it.
And, in the end, unmanned topic on which Tupolev also specialized in Russian and time to which the company wants to "lean against" right now, as part of the latest fashion drones. All Tupolev work on the "big" unmanned jet apparatus Russian period (in fact, the return cruise missiles) have nothing in common with the modern requirements for most classes of UAVs and destination.
At the moment in this area to a large extent put forward other tasks and very different requirements for control systems and payload, etc. What is there to offer their own experience of "Tupolev"? In fact, nothing. But there is a list of missed, unrealized, or dolgostroynyh little success of projects and programs of the past 2-decades for manned aircraft. And as trivial deepest decline once illustrious offices both in terms of design and management skills.
The reality is that in the last two decades, "Tupolev" had not the 1st successful okra on drones and almost lost its proper jurisdiction. The staff employed on this topic at the company is constantly declining and now stands just a few people whose experience is concentrated in the main archives.
Now the former Tupolev, like a number of other "historic" Russian aircraft-design offices in the UAC (Ilyushin, partly Myasishcheva) is fading, and can be, and have almost extinguished star. United Aircraft Company must seriously consider the necessity of a fundamental restructuring of its own design and engineering sector. Without it impossible to increase the competitiveness of Russian aviation industry in the military and civilian sectors.

Apparently, the branded landscape Russian aircraft industry in sectors such as commercial and military transport aviation, the establishment of unmanned aerial vehicles, will be very different from the Russian pattern. Already saying that in the sector of design and manufacture of commercial aircraft Tupolev place ILYUSHIN and take "SCA" and "Irkut". The situation with regard to military transport aircraft and UAVs remains open. And of course there is one — in place of old times endangered Russian dinosaurs caught in contrast to the "MiG" and especially "dry" is not ready for the modern economic environment, will come more mobile and flexible company's latest generation of the new economic order.

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