Flooding in China: 11 dead

July 3, 2013. 11 people have died from flooding caused by torrential rains in the south-western province of China — Sichuan. Four more reported missing. Millions of people were injured in the disaster.

The precipitation in the city of Suining County exceeded 620 millimeters — the highest rate since 1951, according to ITAR-TASS.

In the 42 counties in the province affected 2.55 million people. More than 127,000 of them were evacuated to safe areas.

Destroyed about 6.6 thousand houses, destroyed crops on 119,000 hectares of fields. Especially dangerous is overflowing reservoir. According to the Province, 13 reservoirs have been destroyed or damaged.

In the neighboring municipality of Chongqing affected 900,000 people. Direct economic losses Chungking was 600 million yuan (98 million dollars it).

Source: Lead

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