Floods and landslides in Central America

Floods and landslides in Central America, Natural Disasters

Heavy rains have passed over Central America. Over the past week 80 people were killed by floods and landslides, destroyed bridges and flooded roads. Since there is no sign that the rain will subside, local authorities announced the alarm in the mountainous regions, where about 42 million.

On Monday, October 17 President of El Salvador said that the country's state of emergency. 32 people were killed and three were missing, about 32 thousand people were evacuated. In Guatemala, 29 people died, 13 — in Honduras, 8 — in Nicaragua. However, these figures increase over time as new data from more isolated places.

Authorities fear the situation worse. Projected to increase victims of landslides and the spread of diseases transmitted through standing water.

UN classifies Central America, the region most exposed to climate change. Over the past 40 years the victims were 50,000 people, and material costs totaled hundreds of millions of dollars.

Photo: AFP, Elmer Martinez

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