France earned the largest solar power plant

France earned the largest solar power Interesting

The French Lorraine was commissioned the largest solar power plant. According to the experts of the "Electricité de France", this facility can provide year-round electricity to the city, which is home to 55,000 residents.

This giant plant is 360 hectares in the former NATO military base. It is sufficiently far away from residential areas. The solar power plant consists of approximately 1.4 million photovoltaic panels dimensions of 1.20 x0, 60 meters with a maximum capacity of 115 megawatts at peak activity.
The lack of sunlight in this French region should greatly embarrass anyone, so the installed power has an important advantage over similar facilities in the southern provinces of the resale of electricity revenues will amount to 18%.
According to experts, the system still have some time to accompany and support, but want to continue to move towards a technological breakthrough in the direction of the sun's energy. After all, the French have set the bar itself to achieve by 2020 23% of the consumption of renewable energy. At the moment, the country can only come close to 13%, 3% of which is solar energy.

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