Goodbye Comet Elenin!

Goodbye Comet Elenin! It is interesting

Scientists feared the collision of Comet Elenin with Earth, a three-day forecast an eclipse of the sun, but the comet passed the Earth on October 16 without causing earthquakes, tsunamis, or tidal collision risk. This is so that the body of the comet began to degenerate in August 2011 after the coronal emission of the Sun.

The comet was discovered in December 2010 Russian amateur astronomer, Leonid Elenin. It was predicted that the comet will pass 34 million miles, the distance is insufficient for the collision of two objects. Also, the small size of the comet could not bring great damage to the Earth. Its remnants were so small in size that scientists could not fix their movement at the proposed site.

Photo: Ian Musgrave, Global Rent-a-Scope

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