Heat in Las Vegas, USA

The maximum temperature, 29 June — 1 July 2013 © Gismeteo

July 2, 2013. The intense heat, which lasts for a few days remain until the middle of the week, warns the National Weather Service. Over the past days in many cities were updated daily temperature maxima.

At the airport in Las Vegas on Saturday passenger received a fatal heat stroke after the temperature exceeded +46,1 ° C. As noted by meteorologists, such a high temperature that day was observed for the first time since 1994.

The field of atmospheric pressure in the middle troposphere, July 2, 2013 © Gismeteo

Meanwhile on Sunday, the heat staked to an even higher record and it is easy to cut off: +47,2 ° C — a new absolute maximum of June. In Death Valley on Saturday, the thermometer rose to +53,3 ° C, on Sunday? to +54,9 ° C!

On Tuesday, a record high temperature is predicted in many cities throughout the western states — from Utah to California. It is possible that the heat will expand the list to include some of the items in Oregon and Washington.

Those who wish to avoid a record heat wave, meteorologists advised to head to San Diego and San Francisco, where the Pacific breezes make the weather more comfortable.

Causes of heat in the western U.S. are the same as in European Russia? altitude anticyclone, which blocked the westerly flow and cause intense heating of the air of the desert landscape, the high sun and long light time. Only due to physical and geographical features of the North American continent, the heat is even more powerful? almost Arabian character.

Source: News Gismeteo

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