Help fight the drought special bacteria

Help fight the drought special bacteria Facts

Experts from the University of Milan found that some of the flora found a way to survive even during a severe drought. When a plant is not possible to draw water from the soil, they enter into a symbiosis with living in the soil specific microbes that help the plant to continue to grow, even during droughts.

To experimentally prove their hypothesis, the scientists began to monitor the growth of shoots pepper, put it in terms of insufficient watering. Simultaneously analyzed the type and amount of bacteria colonies which began to settle at the base of pepper. Indeed, the drought intensified precisely those bacteria that are able to increase the ability of plants to photosynthesize and the continuation of biomass growth to 40%, even at low water.
This discovery is important for both biology and the sciences, to seek ways of sustainable development in the world. New symbiotic relationship created an metaorganizm, able to withstand stressful situations related to the drought, so often affecting some parts of the Earth. If properly use the results of this study to check whether all the plants grown man can interact with this type of bacteria, and if it does not cause more harm than good, then it will be possible to significantly improve the agriculture, even in low irrigation.

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