How to look younger by 10 years?

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The fastest way to look younger — plastic surgery, but to go under the surgeon's knife not everyone agrees. The easiest way to look younger — expensive lifting cream, but the results will have to wait a long time. The most effective and safest way to look younger — acupuncture facelift, but about him yet few people know.

About rejuvenation with acupuncture facelift says author of the procedure — Mariyat Mukhina.

— Mariyat, tell us when and how the technique was invented acupuncture face lift?

Acupuncture facelift we developed and patented over 10 years ago. The purpose of this procedure on the one hand, to prevent sagging skin in patients with the other hand, to improve their health.

The problem of sagging skin and muscles of the face, the so-called involutionally-degenerative (age) changes occur at all, and only progressing with age. The clinics ORIGITEYA ®, we have proposed a method of conservative non-surgical treatment of ptosis (drooping) of the soft tissues of the human face and prevent age atony (weakness) of facial muscles. This method is patented, however, has a lot of know-how, and applies only in clinics ORIGITEYA ®.

— What is the acupuncture facelift?

This set of methods to influence the needles with the biologically active points of the face, which are also the points of acupuncture. At its heart — the reaction of the skin, facial muscles and the nervous system of the person on the reflex effects.

— That is, a person injected with special needles. What is the method of acupuncture facelift is different from mesotherapy?

When mesotherapy injection are special preparations — the impact is only on the dermis, that is actually the skin. We same procedure without administering drugs, we act as the skin, and the adipose tissue and facial muscles. As a result, the body begins to produce itself connective structures for skin tightening (autofibrilly ™), which gives pronounced lifting effect. Autofibrilly ™ are connective corset, which effectively pulls the whole ensemble of the soft tissues of the face. As a result, fixed-resistant lifting effect generated autofibrilly ™ and are working all the time!

In addition, the needles are inserted into acupuncture points, which have a positive effect on overall health.

— Mariyat, how effective is your method?

Speaking of efficiency, one treatment method of acupuncture facelift Fly ® replaces 10 mesotherapy procedures, and the price is the same as one with a massage of the face. It is important to note resulting from the impact of improving tone facial muscles. Even one session significantly reduces age atony facial muscles, improves t is their tone. Just a few sessions can eliminate such an important issue for women as fine lines, circles under the eyes, double chin. After the acupuncture facelift eliminates frown and nasolabial folds for several years.

Particularly relevant acupuncture facelift in the spring and summer, when the soft tissues of the face most prone to environmental stress factors — aggressive solar radiation, the loss of moisture and high temperatures.

— It is a painful procedure? Do you use anesthesia?

Acupuncture facelift carried out on an ice-cold skin, no anesthesia is used. The procedure is virtually painless and does not require any special medical training.

— Mariyat you recommend acupuncture facelift only to those who lose weight?

Involutionally-degenerative changes in the soft tissues of the face begin after 25 —years of age. If we want to look good, you have to compensate for the development of ptosis and aging. After a session of acupuncture facelift improves anatomical and physiological state of the skin, it is in the best turgor, the aging process is not amplified, and slow down. In the procedure as there are no contraindications with surgery, there is no long-term rehabilitation. The sooner you start watching your face, the greater and faster you get the effect. But it is especially recommended acupuncture facelift undergoing a weight loss program — because the person at significantly reducing weight "fall off" first. And most importantly — acupuncture facelift should not be used after weight loss, and in the future! Those patients that reduce weight, we recommend watching the quality of the facial skin and the prevention of its sagging from the beginning until the weight just started to walk away, volumes only started to decline. If the skin has sagged — prognosis is extremely poor in terms of its conservative pull-ups, there will only aesthetic surgery. Particularly after 35 years. These women come to the specialists and complain: "I was very thin, and the skin is not tightened — save me!". Every honest physician practicing conservative non-surgical treatment of ptosis of the skin, in this case, say — we will do everything possible, but the effect is not guaranteed. Therefore, those who reduces weight by any means, acupuncture facelift method Fly ® will help maintain the beauty and health of the person. The same men and women who have normal body weight and are not concerned about its decline, but want to keep the youth of the face and health, we recommend regular sessions of acupuncture facelift in clinics ORIGITEYA ® — 1 time per month or intensive courses in a day or once a week.

— That in addition to braces gives acupuncture facelift? Does it effect on the body as a whole or only to your face?

Acupuncture lifting method Fly ® has a positive effect not only on the local status of facial tissue — increases skin turgor, improves its elasticity is achieved noticeable lifting effect, but the overall condition of the body — normal operation digestive, endocrine and nervous systems, as well as eliminating chronic fatigue syndrome and subclinical depression.

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Source: Clinic "Origiteya"

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