How to relieve the symptoms of toxicity?

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Nausea — one of the signs of pregnancy that became literally the talk of the town. Toxemia becomes a scourge of most pregnant women. But few people know how to cope with this condition. Not every doctor prenatal give some advice how to win toxemia without medication. Yet such facilities exist.

Early (iethere is coming in early pregnancy) morning sickness — something familiar. While some may argue even these statements: "I am very excited. I'm 9 weeks pregnant, and there's no toxicity. Can I something not in order. I've heard that toxemia must necessarily be, or with a small something not so. "

First of all, I must say that we are required to toxemia wrong way of life, the frantic pace of work, the unfavorable environment and unhealthy food. Women living in villages every day to be outdoors, exposed to this scourge is much less than urban women. Modern businesswoman all day at the computer, standing in traffic jams or spend more than one hour on public transport, in the street is no more than 10 minutes a day.

Of course, if you can, pregnant better to leave work and live in the country, a lot of walking and eating organic food. But we all know that it can afford one. But what about the rest?


  • Try to walk at least half an hour a day. If you can, work out the way to the subway by bus and on foot.
  • Waking up in the morning, do not jump right out of bed, eat a handful of nuts or a couple of cookies laid in the evening on the bedside table.
  • Try to suck on a slice of lemon or tangerine. Helps some tart, but other acid causes backlash, increased nausea. Listen to your body.
  • Do not force yourself tightly breakfast and lunch. Eat better anythinglight every two hours (cookies, a slice of cheese, apple). Let your handbag is always a light snack.
  • Eat protein rich foods (beans, grains, nuts, seeds, fish, meat, milk). Milk and dairy products are rich in calcium, they really need your unborn baby for the construction of cells. If you can not there is much, try to use only the most useful products.
  • Sometimes it helps to salty crackers, salted cucumber, pickled cabbage.
  • After the meal, do not rush, allow yourself a few minutes to lie down.
  • Try not to eat fatty or spicy foods, hot and cold food;
  • Helps some vitamins for pregnant women at night. Folic acid, a part of them, may facilitate the phenomenon of toxicity.
  • Quite an exotic recipe: in the morning, lying in bed, drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey.
  • Helps some mineral water (Biaxplen, Borjomi). If it brings you relief, always keep a bottle of water in her purse.
  • Mint — a proven tool. You can use mints, gum or a mint tea with mint. The first two options are convenient to public places for the quick removal of nausea.
  • You can have a massage of the head and neck area. In addition to the relaxing effect, it reduces the excitability of the brain centers.

Medical means to deal with toxemia also exist, but they should be used only on the advice of your doctor.

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