Hydrographs confirmed the emergence of a new island in the Arctic

September 23, 2013. Expedition Hydrographic Service of the Northern Fleet has made a number of Discovery in the Arctic and confirmed the formation of a new island in the archipelago of Franz Josef Land, told reporters on Monday, head of information security news service WEST along the Northern Fleet (NF) Captain First Rank Vadim Serga.

For the first time the question of secession of the island of Northbrook in the Franz Josef (Franz Josef Land) arose in 2006. The captain of the atomic icebreaker "Yamal" Stanislav Rumyantsev said that there is evidence that the isthmus between the western and eastern part of the island Northbrook washed away with water. In 2012, a team from the composition of the High-sea expedition "Arktika-2012" explored the Strait of Northbrook divided the island into two parts in order to confirm the data on the appearance of a new island in the area.

"Expedition hydrographic service in the Northern Fleet hydrographic vessel" Horizon "and sea tugboat" MB-56 "completed the trek to the Franz Josef Land and arrived in the port of Murmansk. During hydrographic surveys in the archipelago Franz Josef Land, the expedition discovered the strait that separates the island of Northbrook in two. Members of the expedition conducted a topographic survey the coast and depth measurements in the resulting Strait ", — said Sergey.

Earlier Expeditionary Unit discovered stone ridge near the island of Alexandra Land and checked it the coastline of the island Gall. Military hydrograph inspected and examined 23 geodetic points and aids to navigation. Hydrographic vessel "Horizon" performed a detailed route survey depths of more than four thousand kilometers. Instrumental evaluation was carried out plots and bottom topography, hydrology work. The data will be reflected in the proof-reading aids to navigation and nautical charts, added Sergei.

Expedition specialists Hydrographic Service of the Northern Fleet has been timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Georgy Sedov trek to the North Pole.

Source: RIA Novosti

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