In 80% of the districts of Tatarstan recorded drought, the president introduced a state of emergency

July 19, 2013. At the last government meeting Marat Akhmetov, Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tajikistan, said the increased to 35 the number of areas where the drought has been fixed. In the Republic of Well 43 districts, which means that 80% of the region is suffering from drought emergency was declared there. The harvest started in almost all areas: the number of milled grain has exceeded 80,000 tons.

Drought, according minsehozproda reduce by half the predicted earlier harvest of five million tons. If the forecasts are correct, the republic will gather this year to 20% less than in the previous year. The President said that the agro-industrial complex can not get on with the / x crop production of about 40 billion rubles.

Also the head of the republic a few days ago ordered to impose a state of emergency due to drought, to eliminate the threat to food security because of the death and damage to crops / crop.

Source: Your Free Tribune

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