In Britain, there was the first victim of the storm

In Britain, there was the first victim of the storm Natural Disasters

As predicted by forecasters, the British Isles blew cyclone rains and storm wind. Heavy rainfall caused flooding in many counties. Somerset during the disaster has lost one of its citizens. His car was picked up and carried away the water under the bridge, a man could not get out of the car and died from his injuries.

As reported by weather forecasters, hurricane winds with gusts up to 160 km / h and heavy rains continue to rage in the coming days. Warning about the dangers of flooding remains important for the country, for the territory, which has already received a portion of the rain, and for the one where it is not observed. In Cornwall, around 500 homes were left without electricity, and that they are also not flooded, the owners carefully draped their drainage bags with sand. Expected worsening of the damage in the form of fallen trees and damaged buildings.

Due to weather conditions canceled trains almost across Wales and the West of Scotland, do not go to the trains between Exeter and Taunton, Plymouth and Bristol. In some places in the south and south-west of the UK water for almost a day and reached a height of human knee, and dozens of roads have turned into real rivers. Bad weather delayed a few days collecting Christmas trees.

Over the weekend in Britain could fall monthly rainfall. Only for the Night was published 151 posts about the threat of flooding and 82 serious warnings about the coming flood. Specialists reinsured not to accidentally underestimate the seriousness of the cyclone.

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