In Iran, a powerful earthquake

In Iran, a powerful earthquake Natural Disasters

Power quake recorded in the eastern part of Iran, reached 5.6 points. The epicenter of the earthquake had a depth of 5 km and is 42 km from the city of Caen, famous for cultivation of saffron, and 79 km north-east of the densely populated area Birdzhand. As a result, disaster killed eight people, another 12 Iranians were injured sorts. One person is temporarily in the list of missing.

Condition is complicated by the lack of victims quickly as possible to provide medical care and cooling, which may suffer from the people left homeless. In the area of damaged or destroyed dozens of buildings in the local villages, particularly suffered two small villages.
According to Fars news agency, a lot of people from the area of the province Zohan Horazan still under their rubble. In place of organized rescue operations, involving 15 teams from the local unit of the Red Cross. Birdzhanda of doctors called an ambulance.
Seismologists later recorded another 12 aftershocks following the main phase of the earthquake. Because through Iran there are many faults, then earthquakes are occurring frequently. One of the episodes was horrific event in 2003, which killed more than 25,000 people. In August, during the next quake killed more than 300 Iranians living in the north-west of the country.

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