In northeast China floods in the south-west — the drought

August 4, 2013. While northeast China overcome cyclones which poured rain. So over the past 12 hours in several localities fell more than 60 mm, and sometimes breaking the mark in the 90 mm. Torrential rains accompanied by thunderstorms and strong wind. In some provinces, there are floods that have affected tens of thousands of people, destroyed crops. According to preliminary calculations, the local weather forecasters here will continue to torrential rains, and the level of risk associated with water logging can be increased.

In the south-west of China, in the province of Guizhou is a severe drought, which has already suffered from nearly fourteen million people. Experiencing a shortage of drinking water for more than two million people are suffering and cattle, caused damage to crops.

The causes of natural disasters are, first, the province has long reigns sultry weather. Second, little rainfall. So, in July, the province has dropped an average of only 42.6 mm of precipitation. This is the lowest in the last 52. In some counties there was no rain is 30-50 days. All this has led to the fact that dry up rivers and reservoirs. Thus, according to staff, in Guizhou 318 small rivers have dried up, 140 reservoirs water level dropped significantly.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the drought in Guizhou is set more than a year, the area of the affected area is big enough. Since July 31, the province operates the third level of preparedness for dry weather. In the affected areas are working 80 teams of rescuers.

Weather forecast for August disappointing. According to meteorologists, the rain still will not be enough, and thus the drought continues.

Source: Meteonovosti

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