In southern Taiwan earthquake

In southern Taiwan Earthquake Natural Disasters

February 26, 2012 in Taiwan was average strength earthquake near the coastal city of Pingtung, located in a mountainous region in the south. According to the U.S. Geological Survey at a depth of the main shock is 4.7 kilometers were a force 5.9, although the local seismological center recorded a tremor force 6.1. These injuries were reported, but minor damage occurred.

The earthquake occurred at 57 km from the second largest city Gasyun, with a population of about 3 million people, forcing many residents in panic from their homes. On local television video images were transferred to the minor injuries in Pingtung. Movement of high-speed trains were suspended.

Since Taiwan is located on the boundary between two tectonic plates, there are regular small-strength earthquake. The largest earthquake is an event of magnitude 7.6 in September 1999, which killed more than 2,300 people.

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