Kiribati is preparing for the worst because of the high seas

Kiribati is preparing for the worst because of high sea level danger zone

Small Pacific nation, living on the island of New Zealand in the ocean far, hastily trying to implement a plan to resettle all residents to higher islands, which are not subject to flooding caused by rising sea levels.

A group of 30 with a small atoll, which occupy Kiribati, lies only a few meters above sea level and is constantly struggling with coming water. But in the last year, this struggle is on the brink of life and death. The ocean absorbs the local villages, one by one, and the people to survive, are forced either to press their compatriots from unflooded villages, or in a hurry to leave the island. In addition, the settlement could flood and high waves during a storm.
The representative of Kiribati authorities noted that a particularly high tide occurred in the early months, and this means that the longer-term move to postpone unsafe. Sea water recaptures place in fresh water inside the atolls, destroying crops.
Most likely, some of the people of Kiribati will be relocated to the island of Fiji and East Timor, and the islands become non-state due to climate change. The same fate befall these island states like Tuvalu, Tokelau and the Maldives, according to the Commission on Human Rights. And even struggle with the sea in the form of growing mangrove islands or along the perimeter of the construction of an artificial wall will not be able to help.

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