Levotolo volcano active again

Levotolo volcano active again Danger Zone

Due to the increased activity of the Indonesian volcano Levotolo January 5 from surrounding areas were evacuated hundreds of people. Throughout December 2011 over the top of the volcano recorded columns of white smoke height of 50-250 meters. Special activity was observed on December 31 and January 2 increased, and therefore the alarm was declared the first or second degree. The next day the event was given the third level of risk (four levels).

At the moment of the volcano stands out black smoke with a smell of sulfur, heard a roar. Under the influence of the eruption may be ten local villages of the island Levotolo, Eastern Nusa Tenggara. The last minor eruption dates back to 1920 year.

At this point in seven dangerous volcanoes in Indonesia (danger level 3 of 4): Fr. Levotolo, Iyen, Gamalama, Papandayan, Karangetang, Lokon and Krakatau. The most dangerous volcano is Iyen, at the foot of whom live 9000 people.

Fig. 2. Levotolo associated with Fr. Lomblen small isthmus, the view from the Flores Sea (north-west of the volcano).

Levotolo has a height of 1423 meters above sea level and is connected by a thin isthmus from the east coast of the peninsula to elongate. Lembata (Lomblen). The volcano is located in the Flores Sea to the north of Lembata is symmetrical stratovolcano, which forms the top of the cone-shaped crater 130 meters wide in the south-eastern part. The first documentary evidence of the eruption refers to 1660.

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