Merapi volcano ash covered the neighboring village

July 23, 2013. In an unpredictable Indonesian volcano called Mount Merapi eruption is in full swing. The crater of the volcano, which belongs to a. Java, constantly throws up in the air a huge portion of the ashes. The last such release has forced local villagers to begin the evacuation of unauthorized fuming away from the mountain.

A column of reddish volcanic ash reached a height of 1 kilometer. Formed above the crater of Mount Merapi thundercloud accumulated ashes and took him to the village, situated on the slopes of the mountain. Almost all the property of people living in the village Kankringan and neighboring localities covered centimeter layer of volcanic ash mixed with water.

Sami villagers were so scared falling from the sky with thick, dark-red rain, which immediately tried to leave her small home and moved away from Mount Merapi. Indonesians could scare not only ash rain, but a terrible rumbling that accompanied the eruption. The sound of it was heard in a radius of 30 km.

2,968-meter-high volcano Mount Merapi is one of the 500 most active volcanoes in Indonesia. In 2010, the strongest eruption was recorded on this mountain, which caused the deaths of 347 people.


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