Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano no longer erupting

June 28, 2013. On the volcano Popocatepetl significantly increased seismic activity. According to data received from the satellite, it is clear that carbon dioxide emissions from the crater of the volcano continues to be at a high enough level.

In addition, in the depths of Popocatepetl constantly originate mini-earthquake. Magnitude last push with the epicenter at 2 km south-east of the main crater, up 3.6 points. Following him for three hours several more weak shocks.

From the active crater do not stop steam and volcanic gas. Approximately every two hours there are new ash emissions, raising the eruptive material to a height of 2 km. In settlements Tepeltihpa and Ekatzingo observed falling ash. After a recent survey of Popocatepetl was found that the diameter of the crater increased to 250 meters in diameter and 60 meters in depth by recent eruptions.

Despite such remarkable activity in the near future on the volcano is not expected to dangerous eruptions, which could be dangerous for Mexicans living nearby. Therefore, the code remains the same risk in the near future will not be raised.


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