More than a million people in China suffer from a shortage of drinking water due to drought

July 25, 2013.  About 1.15 million people living in the provinces of Hunan / Central China / Guizhou and / Southwest China /, because of the intense and prolonged drought are suffering from a shortage of drinking water. This is today Xinhua reported.

According to the agency, because of the continuing few weeks of dry weather the local farmers may lose their crops on the areas in 697.9 thousand hectares, and about 436.3 thousand head of cattle.

In the affected areas of the Hunan provincial government has sent 2.5 million people and 13 thousand tanks with water.

In the coming days, weather services predict the minimum amount of rainfall and the preservation of dry weather.

Source: Euronews


In southern China may continue summer drought

July 24, 2013. It is expected that the task now in the provinces of Guizhou, Hunan and Hubei drought continues, said today at the headquarters of the State Flood Control and Drought in China.

According to a report today in these provinces, drought covered about 832 thousand hectares of agricultural land, from the lack of drinking water affects about 1 million and 470 thousand head of cattle.

Since early July, the rainfall in these regions has decreased considerably as compared to the same period last year, according to a statement.

According to Chinese meteorologists in the coming days, the drought in these provinces is likely to continue as a result of standing heat and little rainfall.

State Headquarters for Flood Control and Drought sent a working group to some of the affected areas, local authorities are mobilizing every effort to mitigate the effects of drought.


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