Night storm swept through southern Kansas

July 26, 2013. Recent night for residents of the southern counties of Kansas is anything but calm and quiet thanks to a strong storm, the wind speed at the time of which could measure only the three-digit numbers. In addition, the Hutchinson squally wind storm brought large hail, some fragments reached 12.7 cm in diameter.

Fully assess the damage caused by the storm, it was possible only after the morning. As it turned out, in low-lying areas of the storm provoked a mini-flood, wind gusts at a speed of about 160 km / h broke a record number of trees in the area next to the Reno Pretty Prairie, whose streets are blocked by fallen vegetation.

The size of hailstones that fell during the storm, and the density of the fall surprised even seasoned meteorologists. Ice "tennis balls" have been the norm for a night of elements, sometimes from the sky fell on Mr. Yoder "balls" more, comparable in size with baseball.

Nightmare in Sumner County consisted of rain and squally wind, which blew the roof of buildings in middle and elementary school in argon. In Wichita, so often visited all sorts of storms, night has fallen 26 mm of rainfall, but in some western areas of the city that amount of rain fell from heaven, just half an hour. There are some concerns that the lake Cheney may withdraw from the shores of the water after such an attack.


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