North Sea coast threatened by tsunami

April 8. In the last half-century tsunami in the North Sea was not officially registered. However, this does not mean that they are in the region at all. This statement was made by geographer and climatologist Jurgen Nevig of the Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel (Germany). Together with Danish colleagues, he studied in detail the natural disaster in 1858, when the North Sea swept the giant wave.

Nevig collected historical data and eyewitness accounts of the tsunami. It struck the coast of Britain, northern France, the Netherlands. The worst had to Denmark — on the North Sea coast of the country accounted for almost six-meter wave.

Scientists have reconstructed that wave and came to the conclusion that the reason for its creation was the collapse in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean millions of cubic meters of soil. In all likelihood, a landslide occurred in the western Atlantic. This resulted in a tsunami that came out in the shallow waters of the North Sea began to gain strength and height.

— This means that the risk of recurrence of such a tsunami is real, — says Nevig.

According to him, paleontologists and climate scientists were also able to establish that another tsunami was strong in the North Sea about 8150 years ago. It was caused, in all probability, a strong earthquake.

Source: InterRight

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