Oman has opened a new way to clean water

Oman has opened a new way of cleaning water Facts

On farms to grow palm trees in Oman, most likely, found a special material, which subsequently can be used to extract the pharmaceutical chemicals and dyes from wastewater hospitals and clinics. This is an extremely important finding, because the local water supply is not just suffering from the fact that in his system through the sewers fell nedoochischennaya water from hospitals.

Recent developments show that the main raw material for the cleaning material should be generally available in the area of date palm leaves that will be also a very cost-effective solution and is much more "green" than the use of activated carbon, which is armed with the current treatment and filtration facilities in Oman.
To create a filter in from the leaves of the date palm to skoksovat by treatment with sulfuric acid at a temperature of 170 ° C. The output is a dehydrated carbon, from which later would come with filters. Coal is getting a lot less energy and almost harmless for the environment. The efficiency of coal is the same, when it comes to the removal of residual water medicines and dyes. Besides carbon from date palm leaves copes with heavy metals and can be used repeatedly.
The researchers hope that this technique will be used in the majority of countries in the Middle East and North Africa, especially in Oman, where every year and worked through landfilling 180.000 tons of leaves of date palms.

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