On the beaches of Tunisia more than 40 degrees!

July 26, 2013. July 26 hot air mass from Africa will continue to advance deep into Europe. On the coast of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, the maximum temperature will reach and exceed 40 degrees!

On our continent, while 40 did not expect, however, most countries of Europe will feel tomorrow +30 +35 degrees, and occasionally higher.

In the UK, the west coast of Scandinavia to the north and west and Ukraine to the north of European Russia while waiting for a comfortable air temperature +23 +28 degrees.

In Europe will be the dry weather, just in Ireland, somewhere in France, Germany, Ukraine and the Volga area rains of varying intensity.

Source: opogode.com.ua


On Saturday and Sunday in Europe will increase the heat

July 27-28, atmospheric mass of African descent will be covered completely Europe. In most countries of the continent, the thermometer reached 28 degrees 35.

In Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, on July 28, and also in eastern Germany, Poland and most of the north of the Balkan maximum temperature will reach 40 degrees and even higher!

Only on Sunday, the heat will weaken in the far west of Europe, namely the United Kingdom, Portugal and parts of Spain and France. This weakening of organized active cold front that will bring to the west of Europe are moderate or heavy rainfall, as well as an increase in wind speed of the storm values.

Source: opogode.com.ua

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