On the renewed eruption of the volcano Sakurajima

June 14, 2013. After ten days of relative calm, the Japanese volcano Sakurajima in the south of. Kyushu, reiterated currently three consecutive powerful eruptions. The first two eruptions occurred around midnight on June 12, the following occurred around dawn. After the eruption column of ash rose 3 km, and later rose to 3.9 km.

In addition to steam and ash from the crater of Sakurajima started flowing carbon dioxide, which is clearly visible from satellite images of the volcano. At further increase of ash column to 5-6 km altitude. In Tokyo, announced a warning about the danger to aviation, as the ash from the crater of Sakurajima quickly carried away by the wind in a south-easterly direction just at the level of flights (6 km). On the lookout, as always, city of Kagoshima, because of it until the volcano is only 8 km.

Specialists watching this volcano eruption has been dubbed the June one of the largest and most significant in recent years. In addition, Sakurajima has always been among the most active volcanoes in the world where seismic processes virtually unabated throughout the year. Every 4-24 hours volcano shows itself, and this attracts many researchers and artists. No exception was the photographer Martin Ritz, depicting a storm over the crater of Sakurajima.

Source: EcoWars.tv

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