Paris fights pollution butts

Paris fights pollution butts Facts

After a fairly successful struggle against the faeces of domestic and stray animals, so long bad name city streets, Paris finally took up cigarette butts from cigarettes. Before fining worst polluters of smokers and in one, the city authorities decided to install on every social urn stands for extinguishing cigarette butts. If the situation does not change until 2013, the penalty for discarded cigarette butt will still be introduced.

On November 14, 2012 in Paris, was established 10 thousand of these stands at 30 thousand boxes, which should help smokers get rid of the environmentally hazardous habits throw a cigarette butt onto the pavement. Attention to the polls will be necessary to involve a small shield 15h16 cm size with bright inscription-request indicating the correct location for disposal and braised smoked cigarettes. If verbal peaceful methods to achieve the desired purity can not be, for each cigarette butt litter is to be imposed a fine of EUR 35, as was the case with waste and excrement.

Every year, Paris delivers dumped 315 tons of cigarette butts. Because this type of waste is considered toxic, the lack of any clear measures for its recovery is directly related to pollution and poisoning of the water flowing from the sidewalks and streets in urban waterways.

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