Polish fighters in Afghanistan as a base of the nose is not shove

Polish fighters in Afghanistan as a base of the nose is not shove

During own official policy statements of all levels in one voice say that the Poles Afghanistan produce peacekeeping goal, although it has long been in the very halls of power they say that there is a real war. Priemuschestvenno, this is due to the fact that the military and political control of Poland is not interested in open coverage of events taking place in this country. The generals do not want to disturb the family and friends of their own fighter who once daily put their life threats, and politicians do not want to lower its ratings in the struggle for power. And yet, do soldiers who had served in the Polish contingent, argue quite the opposite than the officials. As an example, the summer of 2011, for which 6 soldiers were killed and hundreds more injured. However, about 200 fighter returned to Poland due to not wanting to do their duty. In the end, with the combat and non-combat losses shortage of personnel of the Polish contingent was 50%.

Another fact of misinformation made by the Ministry of National Defence, is the myth of the Polish military bases, which are the bulwark of security for military personnel. In fact, everything looks different. In fact, any base under fire from insurgents, two or three times a day. Poles in the middle of the base «Warrior» secretly called the "rocket" because of its once daily shelling militants since the end of March 2012. It's not uncommon when units were attacked immediately after leaving the gate or at the base return from the operation.

Also sounds contradictory information about the full control of Afghan troops provinces. The reality looks different. Militants do not tend to engage in open confrontation with fighting forces, reinforced by armored vehicles and aircraft. Because in numerous military and civilian 'inspectors' consists recollection of peace and tranquility. However, once you seem transport or logistical convoy, she immediately attacked. According to the views of Polish soldiers, the only place they can be kept under control is the area of its base.

Terror to the Poles Afghanistan was the fact that they do not have long at war with a terrorist organization "Al-Qaida" and confront organized criminal groups (OPG), carrying out the creation and transportation of drugs. These groups are artfully etched coalition forces with small numbers already committed to "Al-Qaeda", and while NATO troops kill another group of terrorists, drug offenders make their activities. Often, they set it on the roads of improvised explosive devices and organize attacks on convoys and posts of foreign troops. Now OPG — the new owners of Afghanistan. With their power and might still have to face the West.

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