Polish prosecutors office opened a criminal case against UPA

Polish prosecutor's office opened a criminal case against UPA

Poland Prosecutor General's Office opened a criminal case "on the facts of the crimes against the Polish nation." Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office in connection with the questioned UPA veteran Stepan Bakunts.

The reason for these investigations was the study of the Polish historian Grzegorz Motyka, in which he accused the UPA-Peregiynyaka Gregory "Box" in the liquidation of the Polish colony Paroslya near to. Antonovka in Sarnensky district of Rivne region, reports nationalist NGO followers "bulbovtsev" (UPA running Bulba-Borovets was ideological differences with the UPA Stepan Bandera and even opposed to it. — Ed.) GI "Woodland Sich".

Nationalists claimed that all the "fancy" Hoes were dispelled Tipo Ukrainian historians. Thus, the charge "boxes" in his attack on the colony Paroslya, with the words "Polesskaya Sich" is based on a passage in the interrogation dungeons NKVD Rebel Peter Vasilenko.

Namely Vasilenko reported: "Our weaving under the command of Theodore Korzyuk Volyn region named" Bark "has killed two villages about 300 yards (burned) — village Gala and village Paroslya Volodymyrets district of Rivne region. All of the Polish population directly to nursing babies were killed (cut or chop). "(GDS SBU, F. 13, spr. 1020, p. 204.)

The publication says that more than any of the details of the crime are not set forth. Because nationalists imply that Paroslya been the object of attack commando unit of the NKVD, in conjunction with local reddish guerrillas.

"At this point it is clear that at the end of 1942, first of 1943., Even NKVD in their own dispatches to Moscow featured "bulbovtsev" and "Bandera" from criminal gangs "sikirnikov" the purpose of which was an obvious rip-off. Later, Russian and Polish propaganda sokirnikov Named "Bandera", and more primitino — "bulbovtsami"! Although it is definitely clear that Taras Bulba-Borovets was alternately opposed any confrontation with the Poles, and even in their own treatment, he condemned the Bandera partisan, because she was involved in this confrontation, "- writes on his own website public organization.

Recall that the Ukrainian nationalistic historians often use mythologeme of rebels disguised as employees NKVD, chinivshih ethnocide Poles for discrediting the Ukrainian nationalist movement.

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