Portable communication devices

Portable communication devicesLet's try to give definition of communication in the modern world. To do this, we will not use almost incomprehensible encyclopedic definition. To understand the connection rather to say that this is one of the main links of increasing competitiveness, it is a real locomotive for commercial transactions, small and large business projects. No self-respecting company can now do without a functional, multi-level, secure communication system that provides instant exchange of topical information.

Many business projects are implemented through the use of portable communication systems, one of the parts of which are radio capable of information forms the whole cluster within the defined area. It is now difficult to imagine being a company which is engaged in passenger transportation (taxi), which would not cost the multifunction radios. Certainly, you can go to the introduction of an ordinary mobile phone, but it can be a precursor pretty significant spending, and of mobile phones in this case can not be considered as the best candidate radio.

Modern radios, such as Vector vt-44 pro allow their holders to receive and transmit information through certain channels of communication that are available to other employees of the company. For example, radios such type can be equipped with different security posts to maintain link with all objects at once. The radio Vector vt-44 pro has unique features that distinguish it from the background radio stations of similar type. This radio has 16 channels that can be effortlessly set up using a laptop computer or Iphone. Channel programming is not particularly complicated, because tune his radio to the appropriate frequency spectrum will be able to virtually everyone is familiar with the computer. Garniturnaja radio connectors Vector vt-44 pro equipped with screw connection that provides the reliability of the model.

Distortion (nonlinear) in most modern radios for the transmitter is 3-5% for the receiver — about 10%. With all this interest such distortion does not actually depends on the temperature characteristics of the work. Even in the criteria of the Last of the North, where the temperature can drop to -30 degrees, radio operating normally. The upper temperature limit of operation is 70 degrees.

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